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Aug 7, 2003 12:23 AM

San Jose's TGI Sushi

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I'm wondering if any of you have been to TGI Sushi on W. Hamilton in San Jose. Several ppl I know love this place and I finally got to try it tonight. While the rolls were pretty good, I found it nothing to write home about. Slightly above average, but not special. Does anyone contest this? I'm wondering what you chowhounds think.

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    Melanie Wong

    I found one mention from "Anonymous Coward", fwiw.


    1. Hopefully you're not basing it on a bento dinner or lunch. So what did you order? I know from experience that on a freshness bases TGI's is at the top 90%. I eat there regularly and it is one of the few sushi restaurants that are very consistent in the quality of food. Also you can't pass up getting to know Chris the owner.

      1. I love this place. I live in Santa Cruz and I drive over the hill regularly to eat there. I'm not really a big fan of the jumbo rolls because the fish can be slightly warmer then I like but their nigiri is some of the best I've ever had. The only place better (Nigiri) is Naka Sushi here in Santa Cruz.


        1. Bump for an old thread. I love this place. I go there way too often. The waitresses and the chefs are extremely friendly (though not japanese, if that kind of thing bothers you, we brought our korean friend with us, and she told us they were speaking korean, and playing korean music). My favorites:

          Jonny Luv
          Crazy Chris
          K.C. Roll

          But I've never had a bad roll, and I'm always very happy with the quality of the fish. I almost don't want to post this, because on friday and saturday nights, the wait is already too long at their hole in the wall location :)

          1. Digging this old thread up just to say, when I come home to San Jose for a 3 day weekend, I am usually in TGI about 3 times.

            The combinations of well varied ingredients mixed with always great tasting fresh fish makes for one of my favorite restaurants on earth, it would be dangerous if I still lived close.