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Jul 28, 2003 01:45 PM

Larchmont Eateries - Improving Selection

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I dined al fresco at Globe Bar and Grill this past weekend, and was impressed with the menu and food. It appears to me that the selection of restaurants in Larchmont continues to improve.

While the service is amateuristic at Globe, the kitchen is innovative. I had a goat cheese/pear salad to start (trite at this point but innovative and delicious with marinated pears), followed by a delicious Cod with a sweet and sour caponata. The fish entrees could have been larger, but the other entrees at my table were all substantial.

We were considering Lime or Lusardi's, but took a chance on Globe. Has anyone been to Lime? I understand it is still fairly new but have heard nothing about it. Also, while I used to love Lusardi's, we have not been for a while. Is it still as good as it used to be?

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  1. I Lusardi's to be uncomfortable... tables to close to each other... people packed in like sardines. Food is good... standard "upscale" Italian dishes (lots of items with balsamic vinager) that are made with quality ingredients. Gets real loud in there on Saturday nights.

    Harry's Burrito on Chatsworth Ave is a great, casual burrito place that serves California style burritos and other Mex dishes. Much better than anything I have ever had at Tequilla Sunrise which resembles eat-in chains like Chi-Chi's.

    1. I wanted to comment about Tequilla Sunrise. We went there last night for an inexpensive meal - I had not been there in at least 10 years and had not heard good things about it. Well, we were very pleasantly surprised. Mr. Pobo had the hangar steak burrito, which was really great, cooked to order, etc. I had a chicken fahita with cubes of mexican cheese, shredded lettuce and radishes sprinkled on top. There was a nice sauce as well. Not as good as the burrito, but still within the range of above average for Tex-Mex. We will be coming back.

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      1. re: pobo

        I found Tequila Sunrise much much improved last I was there. I would definitely go back.

        1. re: dolores

          That's good to know. I haven't been there for years, but I'll give it another try.

        2. re: pobo

          I haven't been to Tequila Sunrise since it became TS. Remember before it used to be Pancho Villa's. I never thought much of the food at PV until my girlfriend at the time (we're going back 15 years at least) got a job hostessing. I would go to pick her up from work and the waiters would let me eat with them. I ate what they ate. I can't even tell you what I had, but it was some of the best food I ever ate. I went one night to TS and was really turned off by the small portions and quality of food. I never went back. Has it changed? Is it better?

          1. re: jhopp217

            Keep in mind that I haven't been to TS for at least a year, and yes it has changed. I had found it mediocre before that, but on the last try the food was very good, and I have been meaning to go back!

            Oh, and Jkos, I disliked Lusardi's 'tude when I was there, again awhile ago, but from those here, it seems a return visit there is also warranted.

            1. re: dolores

              Dolores, I have a question regarding a Larchmont eatery
              that is minus any mention on these boards.

              Have you ever been to Anna Maria's Restaurant? I'd love to go on someone's recommendation rather than walk in without one. The chef/owner has an interesting story, and she's been at this present location just shy of two years.

              Look -->

              1. re: Cheese Boy

                I have not been there, although my sister has and she thought it was very expensive and not very good.

                1. re: pobo

                  'Expensive and not very good' in the same sentence basically implies "You can do better elsewhere". Their lunch menu seems reasonable, but not cause to rush there though.

                  Thanks for the heads up.

                2. re: Cheese Boy

                  No, I never have, Cheese Boy. I've not seen much mention of it here.

                  1. re: dolores

                    Dolores, I haven't seen any mention of it here either. Seemed appropriate to bring attention to it in this thread though. The search for *memorable* Italian eating continues.

                  2. re: Cheese Boy

                    My wife and I just moved to Larchmont and our first order of business was to find an authentic local Italian restaurant. Unfortunately we tried Anna Maria's. The "grilled" octopus special did not taste grilled and it was served cold (apparantly this was deliberate, but it did not work for us). The garlic looked and tasted as though it were from a jar. The "tagliatelli a fungi with truffle oil" was $24.00 ... and it was missing the truffle oil! (we sent it back and had them put it on). The service was awful. Waiter was a nice guy but appeared to be his first night on the job. Was dripping with sweat, had to double check every question we had with the kitchen, did not ask my mother-in-law how she wanted her steak prepared, asked us "how everything was" before he had yet brought the first course ... just generally clueless.

                    The owner we had heard liked to roam the restaurant to check in on her diners (which we think is a good practice) ... however, on Friday, she spent a half hour at two different tables and never checked on any others, even though our table and the one next to ours was sending back food.

                    Very dissapointing overall and we will not be back. Any other suggestions for good Italian in Larchmont?

                    1. re: jml62

                      If you haven't yet tried it, try:

                      Pasquale's la Villetta
                      7 Madison Ave
                      Larchmont, NY 10538
                      914. 833.9416

                      It is reasonably priced ($20 ballpark entrees), and the food is good. The waitstaff are on point. Service is A+. It's not like the food is unbelievable, but it is very good. Have the stuffed artichoke. The olives on the table are either Cerignola, or some other mild olive - delicious! They pay attention to details here also, which is nice. Parking is a nightmare though. It is definitely a solid, far less hyped answer to Spadaro in New Rochelle.

                      1. re: debrouillard80

                        I have never been to Anna Maria's but have not heard good things about it. We also like Psquale's La Villetta and also Sardegna on Larchmont Ave. Others have sworn by Spadoro's, on the BPR in New Rochelle (in a shopping center just after the new townhouses).

            2. if you are looking for a lunchtime place there's the east ave. cafe. its kind of hidden though. its on the one way street that comes onto palmer called east ave. worth the search though the sandwiches are killer and the baked stuff is good too. i don't believe they do dinner, at least they didn't the last time i was there.

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              1. re: 5pmshadow

                Is that the place on the same block as Longford's?

                1. re: scharffenberger

                  yes, thats the place. its right next to it, (or one more store down maybe??,) but if you are on that street you can't miss it.

              2. What is everyone's opinion on Plates? Never been, always intrigued...

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                1. re: rosalion

                  rosalion, it's been a year that I've been there and the server said one of the chefs was leaving the next day. So I can't give you recent information, but the meal we had was very, very good.

                  Service, the wine pour, my request for a different table, all was excellent. It was a special occasion, if I remember correctly (they are expensive), and I have no idea why we haven't been back.

                  1. re: dolores

                    Thanks, dolores. I think I'll try it out for our next special occasion date.

                2. Go to Encore or Lusardi's. Turquoise is good too.

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                  1. re: bac528

                    Yes i agree with Encore,Lusardi's and Turquoise Turkish Reataurant is good,Good service and fresh food and also very nice people.We love larchmont very nice town to visit.