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Jul 10, 2003 05:11 PM

Best Mexican in Nassau?

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Guess this is for all the folks who crave and live
Mexican/SW cuisine and can remember towns based on
the Mexican joint nearby......

What is your favorite Mexican in Nassau and why?

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  1. Don Juan. It's fun. That's all.

    1. Green Cactus in Roslyn, I get takeout there two times a week (even though I live 10-15 minutes away).

      For a sitdown dinner Don Juan had been my favorite but they have gotten too expensive. I know chains aren't that popular on this board but On the Border in Hicksville in my opinion serves fresh food at very reasonable prices.

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      1. re: Grace

        I found two "real" mexican resturants on LI (not Don Juan/Taco Bell) one is in Oyster Bay Just North of Main Street called little Mexico and the other in Westbury just off Brushhollow Rd near the Post office, I'll check the name next time I go. These are not for Zagat types, be prepared to be the only gringo in there and learn your spanish if you want anything you can't point to.

        1. re: BE

          Also, if all LI is included, two real Mexican places in Huntington Sta. - Coyocan just north of the train station on NY Ave. and Mexico Lindo just south of Pulaski road on NY Ave. Mexico Lindo has excellent tortas. Some spanish would ease your way in both....

          1. re: Siobhan

            Fonda Coryocan is excellent. It is the only Mexican place I eat at on Long Island, although I have regular access to the best mexican in Queens.

            1. re: Siobhan

              Tell us more about Mexico Lindo. Does it look like a deli from the outside?

            2. re: BE

              If you mean the cafeteria styled place next to the Westbury Post Office, that's the Karina Deli. It's cheap and has real spanish food. But some of the items has a lot of MSG added to it.

          2. La Panchita on Hempstead Tpke in Levittown (South side). The resturant has both a Spanish and Mexican menu. Nice quiet atmosphere, good service and reasonably priced. I think the food is very good and not like the ground up mystery meats found in some Mexican resturants.

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            1. re: eileen

              I like La Panchita too. They have good Tequilla selection and authentic food. Also members of entertainment club and dinner on us club. Great food even better when a great deal.

            2. I love La Panchita--- excellent service and authentic as it gets I think. No crummy ground beef cheese slop that is most mex. fare. Though chicken for me is a throw away generally, their Pollo al Whiskey (tequila cream sauce) is great... and their saphron rice is always great.

              1. I don't think it's "real" Mexican, but Cozymel's in Westbury next to the Source Mall has good Mexican food. Their tortillas are made fresh, their meat isn't that frozen burrito meat. It's not too expensive either.