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Jul 4, 2003 12:59 PM

What's the skinny on Walter's Hot Dogs?

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Just saw a FoodTV show on this place - Supposed to be famous. Especially made for them. From the looks of the hot dog, it seemed to be of the skinless variety. Seemed like they place it the griddle and eventually split it down the middle to crisp it up on all sides?

Any Hounds with information on this place?

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  1. The dog is a very bland dog fried on both sides on a griddle in oil. Well done is the way to go. Only fixin's are mustard, ketchup, or their mustard relish which is mustard with some relish mixed in. They are ok but nothing spectacular. The sweet potato puffs are interesting the first time. Yhey make very good shakes and malts, especially peach. Most of the time there are long lines. It's more of an institution than really good dogs. Go ahead and try the place, then report back what you think.

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    1. re: The Rogue

      i agree; it's not about the hot dogs or the food (utterly mediocre and the mustard relish is just bad in my book tho others love it); it's about the institution and milieu, both of which are sort of special; milk shakes are pretty good as i recall (extra thick, black and white, malted is the proper set of options)

      there's something great about the fact that a ritzy burb like mamaroneck can spawn a genuinely idiosyncratic joint like this, and that aging boomers can keep crawling back to it for some vestigal memories of high school romance a la Grease when their reality had actually been more Bye Bye Birdie

      it's cool; the food's an also-ran

      1. re: john farago

        Sorry....after hearing you guys talk about Walter's I figured it had to at least be a normal, decent dog even if it wasn't the "institution" it was being cracked up to be. Sorry again. What a waste of gas...and gas. Walter's is utterly underwhelming on every level, though I didn't have a shake. The curly fries and regular fries are just fries...nothing at all special. The hot dog is a total joke. A double, single or a puppy dog, which is half a friggin' hot dog. Gimme a break. Anything you want on these nearly tasteless, flat, split open drab tubes as long as it's mustard or ketchup. Wow...what a signature! The splitting open of the dog just lets whatever juices there were in these puppies at one time flow out to the cosmos. It's as bad as when a grill jockey takes a perfectly good hamburger that is charring away and leans on the spatula 10 times, squeezing all the juice out of it. The wait for this absolute joke of a hot dog can be interminable. Here's the flat truth: EVERY hot dog place I've ever been to is Walter's superior. From the fancy "Umbrella Room" on every corner in Manhattan to the best Katz's has to offer. But forget that. I can take a kosher hot dog or a Nathan's out of the freezer, wrap it in a paper towel and nuke it for 1:38, which is where I like it on my lousy nuke, and it will be so FAR better than what I had at Walter's it's not funny...oh, and I have stuff to put ON it if I want to. Sheesh...I've never seen branding without substance in greater display in my life. The skinny is that Walter's finds itself in a landmark building--a pagoda-shaped, copper clad structure that looks as if it belongs in the Forbidden City or at the Citadel in Hue, Vietnam. The building is the star. The food and service should be in the Forbidden City or at least just forbidden.

        1. re: RickTheClamBellyFan


          Well said and very funny. Two other places that people rave about that are even more overrated than Walter's are Hot Dog Johnny's in N.J. and Flo's in Maine. Believe it or not Walter's is much better than these two. Both very bland. Flo's is a steamed pork based dog with practically no flavor on a steamed New England bun. This type of bun is ok (I prefer a regular hot dog roll) if toasted, but steamed it tastes like white bread. They have a weird (but popular) sauce they put on the dogs that contains mayonaise (yuck) and onions. The dogs at the 7-11 are better than Flo's.

      2. re: The Rogue

        Thanks Rogue - Do you think its worth a 1200 mile trip? I'm a transplanted NY'er. Just wondered because I love hot dogs as much as I love "Q" and the place peaked my interest.

        In Florida, I have to fend for myself - Nathan's natural casing dogs and Sabrette brown mustard - Fortunately I can get both products at our local supermarkets.

        1. re: Chuck

          NO... Unless a publisher is covering the cost.

      3. Hi Chuck! I agree with John and the Rogue on this one. Funny, most people rave about Walter's. I was just on another forum and everyone spoke well of Walter's. I went last fall. The dogs are specially made for Walter's by Boar's Head, but they are a blend of 1/3 beef, 1/3 pork, and 1/3 veal. Very bland. Good mustard though. The way to have them is well done. A decent snack, but the dogs themselves are very ordinary. By the way, pick up (or read online) Sunday's New York Times (Jersey section). There will be an article on some nut from N.J. and his passion for hot dogs. Word has it that Chowhound may be mentioned.

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        1. re: John Fox

          John - that's great news and you deserve it - There is nobody who knows more about dogs that you! Boy, I had some battle on the Chicago website a few weeks ago. Those Chitown Hounds so sooooo sensitive and trying to defend that salad dog gets them very, very angry. I baited them and boy they let me have it!

          I called out for you, but alas you were no place to be found. Perhaps you were on the set of some new movie about hot dogs?

          You know, just looking at Walter's dog on sure didn't look like a Nathan's natural casing dog or anything made by Marathon. Doesn't mean its not good, but it looked very different. I did not read the other post yet.

          But, veal, pork and beef is a nice combination. Very mild indeed, but with a great brown mustard and a good roll, I'm sure its good. You know in France, they use a real crusty french roll with their hot dogs and their famous mustard - they are great.

          There is a pork store in Ridgefield, NJ called Kosars and that's what they use to make - Beef and pork and veal. The place was incredible - they made everything from scratch. I have no idea if it is still there - you could eat of their floor. A true German pork store. their hot dogs tasted very much like bologna.

          Congrats. I am looking forward to reading the article.

          1. re: John Fox

            Cool Beans... couldn't have happened to a hotter dog... lookin' forward to the read.

          2. My husband took me to Walter's raving about it. We waited on a much too long line and finally when we received our hotdogs, it was nothing special. The dirty water dogs in Manhattan are better. Maybe it was the attitude of the individuals on line and the ones working on the griddle. But I wasn't impressed.

              1. re: wincountrygirl

       Google is your friend.

                This thread is 6 years old by the way

                  1. re: roro1831

                    Yeah, I hear ya but so what? Hot dogs are still hot dogs and are still a hot topic on here. I figure someone will read it and respond. In did.

                1. The only feeling a mention of Walter's elicits from me is that of how much I miss Cook's.

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                  1. re: BlueSoup

                    have to agree,i managed to photograph cooks before they tore it down, although it was converted long before. when i was young cooks was THE place. i even liked their mustard before any other and tried to find out where it was from.

                    1. re: BlueSoup

                      Oh, yeah! BlueSoup...I'm glad someone other than me remembers Cook's. SOOOOOO far superior to everything else of its ilk. Shame it's gone, 'eh?