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Looking for BBQ in northern Westchester

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I am looking for good BBQ places in northern Westchester. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    Josh Mittleman

    Best suggestion: Look elsewhere. I've never encountered edible BBQ in Westchester at all.

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      Totally concur-good (or any) bbq in Westchester or nearly anywhere in the tristate region is as rare as great gribenes and mushroom barley soup in Lockhart.

    2. There is a drive in BBQ place that just opened in Danbury, CT, off of exit 4 on I-84 right next to McDonalds. This isn't that far from Northern Westchester. It's run by local pepole, not a chain place. They make everthing fresh and cook to order.
      They have pilled pork and BBQ ribs among other things.
      I had the pulled pork sandwich and an order of ribs. They both were good.

      1. I myself find the ribs at Ribs on the Run, in Yonkers, to be always terrific. Unfortunately this is a strip-mall takeout with zero ambience, although there are a few grimy tables if you must eat in.

        1. In New MIlford,CT give The Cookhouse a shot, they make true southern BBQ...LOW&SLOW!!!

          1. My southern husband & I really enjoy Memphis Mae's in Croton. It's a nice looking place, you could have a decent dinner date there, which is unusual for bbq. You can even get bbq by the pound. We even cross the TZ from Rockland to go there.


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              I personally do not care for Memphis Mae's at all. The only good thing I have had there is the hog wings (smoked hog shanks). I grew up with a home in N.C. and would not compare this food to real bbq. Everything fried was extremely greasy on both nights I tried their food (spaced several months apart to give them a chance to improve), and when I complained about this I was told the chef did not care. The pulled pork is nothing to write home about, the ribs are only okay, and the brisket was tough. All this for over $20 a plate ....
              No thanks

            2. Holy Smoke in Mahopac (just over the border from northern Westchester) is very good and has gotten good writeups here.

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                Holy Smoke is on Rte. 6N. If you're going west on Rte. 6 past the Jefferson Valley Mall (take the Rte. 6 exit off the Taconic, the one right after the exit for Rte. 132 in Shrub Oak), Rte. 6N is a left turn a mile or so past the mall. Holy Smoke is a few miles further on 6N, on the right side of the road.

              2. We enjoy Holy Smoke. The Saint Louis Ribs and the Pulled Pork are about as good as you are likely to find anywhere around here. A diverse clientele, from families with young children to serious beer drinkers. Friendly people and If you care about such things, they have a very serious selection of beers on tap & in bottles.

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