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May 27, 2003 03:22 PM

Wanted: Grandma Pie (Pizza) info

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Fellow hounds, I want to learn everything there is to learn about the Grandma Pie, the thin, square pizza that seem to exist only on Long Island and in Queens. ANY information on the origins of this delicacy, as well as where the best specimens can be found, will be much appreciated. If you know of something that has already been written about Grandma Pie, do let me know.

I'll share everything I learn in Newsday and will let you know when the article appears.

What do I know? I'm from Brooklyn,
Erica Marcus

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  1. King Umberto's, on Hempstead Turnpike in Elmont (not to be confused with Umberto's of New Hyde Park), serves a nice Grandma.

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      King Umberto is by far the Best Pizza on LI or Queens for that matter. I Lived in Elmont 5 years ago and have moved 2x's, never to find Pizza as good in the locales that I have moved to. Their Grandma is tops. Check out the website.


      1. re: Gary

        Michaelangelos "Grand Ma" in Manorville exit 70 on the LIE...Rocks!

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          i eat at " the king" at least twice a month

          i love it . I usually go to the formal dinning room
          love the fried capellini.. did you notice they were not in this yeas ZAGAT guide
          how can that be

      2. A lot of places now also carry a Grandpa pizza. This is a thick crust square pizza topped with onions and bread crumbs. This is an actual Sicilian dish called sficione (only a few call it by it's proper name). Interestingly enough, sficione is more like the kind of pizza my Sicilian grandmothers used to make (and luckily for me my mother still makes). I sampled a good version of it at Momma Lombardi's Market, the Italian food store offshoot of the restaurant.

        Some of the other names I've seen for the Grandma pizza are "Brooklyn pizza", "Margarita (or Margherita) pizza" and "Crispino pie". I've seen Margarita and Crispino also used for round pizzas. I have no idea who originated the pizza but they seem to be using the same source because the phrase "spotted (or splashed) with san marzano tomatoes" appears over and over again on various Long Island pizza menus. Sadly, they rarely use real san marzano tomatoes.

        1. I like the grandma pie at Viaggio's on Jericho Tpke in Dix Hills. They use a nice basilly sauce.

          1. I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but in Manhattan, at 11 Stone Street, Pizza Italia has a popular round Grandma pie. I have no idea if it is "authentic", but I like it (although I wish the crust were a little crisper). They say they use a different sauce and change the cheese combination in making it. The crust also seems a little thicker than their regular slices.

            1. We recently moved from the area, but Gino's pizza on Long Beach Rd in Rockville Centre was our connection for dynamite Grandma pie.

              this post is making me hungry.......

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                Mike in Rhinebeck

                Ahhhh! Ginos in Long Beach. The gold standard in Neapolitan pizza for many years, against which I measure all challengers.