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May 27, 2003 10:21 AM

Good Pastrami in Westchester?

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My otherwise sensible wife thinks driving to the Lower East Side from Westchester just to pick up a Pastrami sandwich is not a good use of precious time on the weekend. So, can anyone recommend superlative Pastrami in Westchester? I miss it since we moved out of the City.

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  1. I was just talking about this with a friend. I too drive to the city for an occasional pastrami fix. The only place that attempts pastrami is Epsteins on Central Ave in Yonkers and Epsteins on Central Ave in Hartsdale / White Plains. Both are skimpy on the meat and it is on the dry end. Not nice and juicy like Katz's.

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      Robert Deutsch

      Traditionally It's somewhat hit or miss but this weekend I got lucky at the Mount Kisco Kosher Deli. The Pastrami was everything it should be. Better than I have ever had it here before.

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      1. re: Robert Deutsch
        Josh Mittleman

        I've always had good luck at Mt. Kisco Kosher Deli. On the other hand, I don't go anywhere near Epsteins since the second time I found something disgusting in my food.

        The pastrami at the new deli in Yorktown was mediocre; but other things there were great, e.g. chopped liver. I'll try it again.

        1. re: Josh Mittleman
          Robert Deutsch

          I agree completely about Bloom’s in Yorktown. I really wanted to like this place because of the shortage of kosher deli’s in the area. After some good chopped liver, the pastrami and corned beef plate I ordered was not offensive, but not something I would like to try again. The meat was dry and lacking any character at all. I don’t understand the rigors of deli business, but it seems to me that if you don’t have access to great corned beef or pastrami you should find another line of work.

      2. How about the Rye Ridge Deli in the Rye Ridge Shopping Center? I haven't had their pastrami, but everything else I've had (like the corned beef) has been delicious.

        1. Thank you all for your replies and your help, even if they all sort of inspire despair. I will certainly check these places out and report back after my comparative taste test. While I have found good pizza and excellent bagels in Westchester, I should have done more deli research before leaving the City!

          Thanks again!

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          1. re: Jeremy D.
            Josh Mittleman

            2nd Ave Deli does mail order at their website.

            1. re: Josh Mittleman

              Has anybody tried the mail order pastrami from 2nd Avenue? I used to live in the East Village, midway between 2nd Avenue and Katz's. I must confess I never understood the allure of the pastrami at Katz's, but I sure feasted on numerous occasions on the pastrami at 2nd Avenue. Based on the tips from you hounds, I'll venture into Mt. Kisco Deli to sample the pastrami.

          2. Come across the line into the Bronx and try the Skyview Deli on Riverdale Ave around 254th st. Classic formica, nasty, ancient waitresses, matzoh ball soup and a good jewish bakery next door to take home dessert. While in Riverdale, take home a Lloyd's Carrott Cake...B'way around 248th. Lloyd came to NY years ago with the shirt on his back and his Mama's recipe. Now a major provider to NY restaurants, etc. Tiny retail window at his bakery. Eratic hours.