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May 23, 2003 10:11 AM

Ithaca bakery

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Looking for a good bakery in or near Ithaca to purchase a wonderful birthday cake for my son who's going through the summer @ Cornell. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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  1. I'm not sure what the latest-and-greatest selections are, but Ithaca Bakery (on Route 13, owned by the family that owns Collegetown Bagels) makes some very good cakes (they made my wedding cake a number of years ago). If you go in and tell them what you're interested in, they might let you sample a few different types.

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      Ithaca Bakery offers a delivery service. Visit their website (see link below).

      Though not quite a good, Wegman's (an incredible supermarket) has a decent bakery.


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        For a selection of our wedding cakes and a lot more info about our catering, daily breads,etc. please go to our website @ or call us @ 607-273-7110.
        Ira Brous -- a co-owner of the ithacabakery

      2. Thank you both. Ithaca Bakery it is. I love Wegman's, too and will certainly stop by for some coffee beans, if nothing else.

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          You mention coffee beans at Wegman's. If you are in Ithaca and want some really good coffee beans direct from the roaster check out Gimme! Coffee, 504 W. State St. Much better than what is sold at Wegman's.

          Joe Moryl

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            Thanks, Joe. The coffee is good@Gimme Coffee. My coffee fanatic husband, who roasts at home, doesn't feel comfortable not being able to see it roasted, as you can at Wegman's. It's one of the few chow issues where I defer to him.

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          Kathryn Callaghan

          The Ithaca bakery is not my favorite place. I've never had cake there. They might make a decent one, but I've never seen anything remotely tempting in the pastry case.

          Ithaca doesn't have a good American bakery. If I were looking for a birthday cake, I'd try Patisserie Renee Senne in the Community Corners shopping center for a French-style cake. 607-257-4257

          Her chocolate layer cake with raspberry buttercream is out of this world - the best thing I've tried there. She also makes more complex cakes with meringue layers and such. Beware the passionfruit buttercream. It tastes mostly of butter.

          I'd expect her cakes to be expensive.

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            That cake sounds wonderful. Now I have 2 options. Thanks!

          2. Had Ithaca Bakery do our wedding cake (and the rest of the food at our wedding) and we are still hearing about how good it was as we approach our 4th anniversary. It was damn good.

            1. Oh, since this thread has been reinvigorated I have a new suggestion: try the Carriage House on Stewart St. near Collegetown. Stopped in there for lunch (which was quite good) a few months ago and they had some excellent baked goods for sale: