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Aug 4, 2003 07:00 PM

Good food in San Carlos???

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I'm going to meet up with someone for dinner in San Carlos tonight, but am totally unfamiliar with any of the restaurants out there. If anybody has a must-go-to suggestion on where we should eat tonight... please let me know. Thanks!

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  1. Two I can recommend:
    135 El Camino Real, San Carlos 650-594-2840
    good kebobs-lamb, chicken, fish

    Laurel Street Cafe
    741 Laurel St, San Carlos 650-598-7613
    good crepes, Pia recommends pistachio creme brulee


    1. Piacere on Laurel in San Carlos for Italian.

      1. i love santorini's for greek/med or for thai, go to siamese kitchen (across from wells fargo)

        and i second piacere and laurel street cafe.

        1. Another recommendation for Piacere.

          1. A second vote for Santorini's handcrafted Mediterrainian well above the mean.
            A Tivolo is now re-branded and I haven't had any direct experience.

            I'll say a kind word about Iron Gate on El Camino (maybe Belmont/San Carlos line). Old line place; it IS "your father's" Italian/continental cuisine -- but they haven't taken their eye off the ball. A fine compromise when entertaining "East Coast parents" or other cuisine-timid types. They didn't balk when I carried in an old Cakebread Cab - decanted it properly. There is something to be said for Oysters Rock preparred the old school way

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              Anything else you recommend at Iron Gate? Here's the website, and it's on Opentable too.