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Good food in San Carlos???

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I'm going to meet up with someone for dinner in San Carlos tonight, but am totally unfamiliar with any of the restaurants out there. If anybody has a must-go-to suggestion on where we should eat tonight... please let me know. Thanks!

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  1. Two I can recommend:
    135 El Camino Real, San Carlos 650-594-2840
    good kebobs-lamb, chicken, fish

    Laurel Street Cafe
    741 Laurel St, San Carlos 650-598-7613
    good crepes, Pia recommends pistachio creme brulee

    Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

    1. Piacere on Laurel in San Carlos for Italian.

      1. i love santorini's for greek/med or for thai, go to siamese kitchen (across from wells fargo)

        and i second piacere and laurel street cafe.

        1. Another recommendation for Piacere.

          1. A second vote for Santorini's handcrafted Mediterrainian well above the mean.
            A Tivolo is now re-branded and I haven't had any direct experience.

            I'll say a kind word about Iron Gate on El Camino (maybe Belmont/San Carlos line). Old line place; it IS "your father's" Italian/continental cuisine -- but they haven't taken their eye off the ball. A fine compromise when entertaining "East Coast parents" or other cuisine-timid types. They didn't balk when I carried in an old Cakebread Cab - decanted it properly. There is something to be said for Oysters Rock preparred the old school way

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              Anything else you recommend at Iron Gate? Here's the website, and it's on Opentable too.

            2. I like the Iron Gate as well ... and as you say, it is in a bit of a time warp. It used to be one of the few places in the area (Bella Vista was another) that served fresh abalone, but no more as far as I can tell. The Calamari Steak Dore is very well prepared (same prep as the abalone) and a pretty good substitute.

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                You must be telepathic, as the calamari dore' is the dish I was most intereted in at Iron Gate. (vbg)

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                  Well ... I'm part gypsy ... yugoslav, anyway. Haven't had the Dore' at Iron Gate for a couple of years, but I remember it as being very fresh and nicely (lightly) sauced. I'm amazed at how many times I've ordered calamari steaks in waterfront restaurants in SF and HMB and gotten frozen calamari ... yecchh

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                    The species of squid used in calamari steaks is harvested offshore of South America.

                    Squid is very persishable, rare to find squid that hasn't been frozen.