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Mar 17, 2003 11:31 PM

whole belly

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Just moved to CT., where can I find really good whole belly fried clams as close to Norwalk, although I am willing to travel far for the right relationship.

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  1. the Merritt Canteen on Main Street, Bridgeport used to have them in summer. They changed ownership a year or so ago, though, so I'm not sure if the still do it. The place is not quite the same since.

    1. Overton's in East Norwalk, opposite Vet's Park. I'm embarassed to admit that I have no idea what the name of the road is. It's a little "shack" by the water and you can get whole belly clams there.
      Also try Sono Seaport Seafood on Water Street, Nik's Place on Gregory Boulevard (on the way to Calf Pasture Beach)and, if you're in the neighborhood and feeling flush, the Mansion Clam House in Westport.

      1. This is an old posting, but I'm new here and if you're still interested...
        River House Tavern in Westport serves great fried whole belly clams. Yummy.

        1. i LOVE westfair fish and chips in westport. check out the information posted here: