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Mar 14, 2003 06:45 AM

Good eats near Westbury Music Fair

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I will be going to Westbury tonight anyone know someplace good nearby to eat. We like all types of food with Northern Italian and French topping the list!!! Thanks for the help!!

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  1. For Italian, right on Jericho Turnpike is Brindisi. Pretty place, food not bad. Further down Jericho is Angelina's (Angelino's?). Very reasonable prices, large portions, totally eatable, no ambianceto speak of. Once had a very good meal at a place called Dandylion which I think is at the corner of Post and Old Country Rd.

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      actually, i have been to dandylion a few times and have been impressed everytime. maybe it's because it's in a strip mall and the front windows look out onto a rather disorganized parking lot. and it never seems terribly crowded. i hope enough people catch on to keep it in business but not so many that it makes it difficult to get a table.

    2. Big Dog raved about a Turkish place in Westbury a few months back - I don't recall the name, but you may be able to find it through a search. Also, you will be near good Japanese on Jericho, same strip as Frank's steaks. (sorry I can't remember any names today - it's an age thing.....!)

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        Turkish, Mediterranean kebab house and pizzeria 190 post av, westbury, 516-333-8715, is downhill but ok. They apparently opened a second reports yet.

        The best Japanese I know around there (don't think it's the one you're thinking of) is Koiso (540 Westbury Ave, Carle Place, Long Island, NY; 516-333-3434), totally rules. Inexpensive lunch, expensive dinners, both very worth the price and the trip.


        1. re: Jim Leff

          I walked into the Turkish place a few weeks ago, and there was such a B.O. stench, that I had to turn around and run out! I'm too afraid to walk back in.

          1. re: mike

            Again, I no longer tout this place, but....b.o. stench? As in body odor? I really doubt it. It's not tiny, and never crammed with people. And there's tons of food and oven smell. If a couple of the staff had hygiene problems (and I'd never imagine that to be the's not that sort of place), it wouldn't be noticeable in this setting.

            Unless there was something exceptional (a milk spill in a potted plant the staff missed) or a table full of REALLY fetid customers, it was likely a Turkish spice or ingredient that doesn't agree with you, aroma-wise. They make a very funky/spicy sausage, which might have been going in the oven on a pide when you arrived, for example.


        2. re: Scribbler

          The Japanese place is called Nagashima. It is fine for that area, but not the "best".
          Angelina's, which is across the street from Nagashima, is a good and reasonable Italian choice.
          In the other direction on Jericho Turnpike (heading east) is Carpaccio, which is a wonderful, upscale and more expensive Italian restaurant.

        3. How about Benny's on Post Ave, a landmark of sorts? I haven't been there in maybe 2 years, it was good then; would you call it northern Italian, any opinions?

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