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Mar 7, 2003 09:04 PM

My PI - Anyone Remember this Long Island Pizza Restaurant?

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Hey there-

I seem to remember a Long Island deep dish pizza restaurant called "My PI" (but spelled with the greek symbol for 3.14) There was one by the Sunrise Mall and one in Hicksville. Does anyone remember this chain? Do they still exist?


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  1. I remember the one in Massapequa...but that goes way back. I don't recall seeing any others around since that one vanished.

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      Steve Triplet

      There was one in Tulsa Ok back in the mid 70's. Have been looking for one recently but have had no luck. Best pizza I ever had. Hope to find one if they are still around.

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        That's so funny, my husband and I were talking about the one on Sunny Isles Blvd right before Collins ave in North Miami Beach, Fl, the other day...when we first started dating in 1979, he used to take me there all the time--the BEST pizza..couldn't figure out why they closed....

    2. I remember the one in Hicksville quite fondly. Used to frequent with my friends during high school (yikes! that was a long time ago!)

      Haven't seen one since that folded.

      1. Yes. I know there is one in Chicago at Clark and Fullerton. It is still the best pizza. Yum! They even still have the silly game placemats.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Definitely my best Pizza memories. I used to go very often to the one on South US1, near Dadeland Mall, but also went a few times to the one in North Miami Beach. I've been looking for them for years, but didn't check the net about it until today. Please let me know if they are somewhere else. I'd surely go back there. M.

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              Will always be my favorite pizza memory......I used to go there sometime around 1974 and their pan pizza was really really deep and thick with the freshest taste. I remember you to had to eat it with a fork....but I thought it was in Bal Harbour....How could something so mega good go out of business...????