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Mar 6, 2003 05:22 PM

Vietnamese - Central NJ

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Had lunch at Saigon II in Lincroft. Had a shrimp and chicken salad and a Pho with chicken. The food was decent (but not great) and I will return. It's the only Vietnamese that I know of in Monmouth County...

Has anyone else been there and can recommend some dishes?

Saigon II, 650E Newman Springs Rd, Lincroft, 732-933-1964. (Across from the Lincroft Inn, in the little strip mall behind the Subway shop.)

My favorite Vietnamese in Central NJ is Bien Hoa on Rt 27 in Edison, 732-287-9500. (Thanks to the chowhounds who recommended it!) I think their food is quite good. Barbeque pork is good. Good Pho. Great fruit shakes.

Next door to Bien Hoa is a really nice Korean Bakery. Try the small buns with sweetened butter and chestnut slivers.

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  1. I really hope you tried the "random beef parts" Pho... in my opinion you haven't really had pho until you've tried the one with beef bits. :) And Saigon2's is pretty damn good.

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      I go to Saigon II in Lincroft because it's convenient. But the pho at Pho Am Dao on Rt 1 in Edison is much tastier. (The meat portion in the pho is skimpy. You can order extra meat.)

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        My favorite Korean bbq - Healthy Tofu in Edison - seems to be closed.
        Any recommedations for Korean in Monmouth or Middlesex? I like tofu stew.

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          If you want Korean in Edison, try Kimchi Hana. We love it (favorite is gobdol bi bim bap). They have tofu stew and barbecue. I'm not Korean but they are generally absolutely packed with local "real Korean" people, so I'm guessing it's authentic and good!

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            I personally like Keum Ho Jung and Chung Sol Bat. They're both on Old post road..

      2. 6 years since the initial post of Val G....

        Saigon II came as a recommendation from a friend and I decided that it is within 15 minutes drive from my work place, I should check it out. The place is not fancy but has some Asian decorations. It was half filled(about 7 tables) when I walked in at around 12:40pm. I ordered an iced Vietnamese Style Coffee(Café as they called it), Vietnamese egg rolls(crispy fried rolls stuffed with shrimp, pork and vegetables) and Po Tai(Rare beef slices with noodle and soup).

        The egg rolls arrived quite speedy and they were very crispy. There were 6 of them in an order and they are much more petite than the normal egg rolls you get from the Chinese places. The taste was good and the special dipping sauce(tasted like fish sauce with some chili) provided went well with the egg rolls. The only draw back was the lettuce which was supposed to be used as a wrapped for the egg rolls, they were a bit withered. If crispy fresh lettuce was provided, it would really make a perfect appetizer. The Po Tai came with 7 – 8 paper thin slices of beef(about half the size of my palm) in the soup with the noodles. The quality of the beef was acceptable but I wish that they would have given me 4 bigger pieces instead of the smaller pieces. Due to the small size of the beef, it was cooked by the hot soup before it was served to me, therefore the beef lost its tenderness. I would be nicer if the beef is still raw and I can submerge them into the soup when they were served….this is purely personal! I was also given the lime, bean spouts to put into the soup noodle. The taste of the soup noodle was flavorful, I do not like things that are too salty and the soup tasted just fine for me. The major disappointment was regarding the coffee, not that it was not good, but it took them too long to have it served. The typical Vietnamese coffee is dripped and it takes time to get that done, my server had advised me that it would take a few minutes but I did not expect them to serve it to me when I was at the last mouthful of my soup noodles. In the perfect world, they should have waited for the coffee to be served, then have the egg rolls and noodles….but we do not live in the perfect world. This lunch came to $18.5 excluding the tips! They do have lunch specials which are in the range of $8 to $13 but I intended to try the egg rolls and the Po Tai! By the way, the had added a little sticker on the front of the menu stating that there is a $1 extra for each selection due to the food supply….if you are going to look at the menu on line, add a $1 to each! To me, this is an average place, taking into consideration of the food, price and the service but with the limited options of Vietnamese food close to where I work and live, I guess I will have to come back for some if I really crave for Vietnamese food!

        1. Visited Saigon II in Lincroft yesterday for lunch.

          Have been going to Saigon South Plainfield NJ and Saigon II Lincroft NJ for almost 15 years!

          Personally feel the South Plainfield restaurant is a little better than Lincroft.

          Enjoyed Summer Rolls - You get 3 of these for 6.00 - It is an appetizer but more than enough to share. Ask for fish sauce instead of the peanut sauce.
          In addition tried the Sugarcane Shrimp, never had this before, served with rice noodle patties and lettuce also very good.

          Finally, had a JackFruit shake - made with real fruit - kinda like a cross between peach and mango.

          Always a good meal!

          This is just one of those places where my loyalty will always be with Owner Cynthia and her Family.

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            I also enjoy the egg rolls. Have not had a problem with wilted lettuce, but have had some leaves that were not the best shape for rolling them in. Always ask for the condiment tray and slather the rolls with siracha before rolling!

            I often order the. Saigon Crepes, which are coconut and rice flour crepes filled with shrimp, chicken & bean sprouts. You get two of them and they are huge. One caveat is they sometimes neglect to devein the shrimp, so I generally order it with just chicken.

            I can order the egg rolls and the crepes for a meal and have one of the crepes left over...


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              I do love the fried rolls at Saigon - it's the one thing they do better than any of the other Vietnamese joints around here. :)

          2. The Korean bakery next to Bien Hoa's was called Cakehouse Emma and it's closed I still miss their buns with the peanutbutter cream filling.