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Xaviars at Piermont

1,2,3 Dec 18, 2002 04:42 PM

Based on the praise on this board in response to the Equus Resataurant post,
I just called to try to make a reservation at Xaviars at Piermont for sometime
in January. The woman who answered was not exactly polite and after putting
me on hold, asked me to call back in an hour. I absolutely hate it when
restaurants ask you to call back! If they're too busy, they need to hire an
additional reservationist.

But, I'll try again as I'm hoping that the dining experience will make it

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    tresanos Dec 20, 2002 06:38 PM

    How small is this restaurant? Small as 71 Clinton Fresh Food in Manhattan?

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    1. re: tresanos
      SJ Dec 23, 2002 12:40 PM

      No, at least to the best of my recollection, Xavier's Piermont is not as small as 71 Clinton Fresh Food. The two are also completely different in ambience with Xavier's being very quiet and romantic and 71 being much more casual and lively. Major difference in price as well.

      1. re: SJ
        tresanos Dec 29, 2002 06:35 PM

        Thanks very much for the info. I figured the food, ambience and prices would be different, but thought that the dining rooms might be comparable in size.

    2. u
      Uncledave Dec 24, 2002 10:04 AM

      I went for a dinner several months ago and was disappointed. From reviews and its reputation, I was expecting something approaching magnificent.

      Wifey and I each had a different 7 course tasting menu, and of the 14 courses, maybe a half dozen were noteworthy. Bad points include too many repeated sauces (demi, demi everywhere), some ingredient pairings I thought were lousy, some problems with improper temperatures. Wish I could recall examples with more specificity, sorry. Desserts were generally boring and below expectiations. The service was competent, but we never felt like we were treated as special.

      I wouldn't go again.

      1. r
        Renèe Dec 27, 2002 03:16 PM

        We always enjoy all of Peter Kelly's Restaurants. Xaviar's in Piermont is a small jewel, we have always found the food to be wonderful and the service very professional.............We usually spend New Year's Eve there, we will celebrate at Xaviar's this year as well.

        1. 1
          1,2,3 Jan 8, 2003 11:45 AM

          Okay, so I called back and made a reservation for January 11th, 8PM. Earlier this week, other plans came up, so I called Xaviar's to cancel my reservation. The woman I spoke to said that there was no reservation under my name and that they only have two seatings for dinner, at 6PM and 9PM. The original reservationist was probably incompetent and not only told me I could come in at 8PM, she didn't even enter my reservation properly. Or, so it would seem. Pretty lame. I would have been pretty disappointed if I didn't have to cancel.

          1. t
            TeddyTD Jan 11, 2008 10:38 AM

            What's happened to Xaviar's?
            We had a mediocre New Year's dinner there. The staff was friendly, eager to please, if a little disorganized at the start. Very nice wine list.
            Perfect slices of foie gras in a dull presentation with a too-rich citrus ice cream and far too much assembly required.
            Unforgettable duck breast and my partner wasn't impressed with a glutinous mushroom sauce on the filet.
            And creme fraiche on too many dishes. We were cremed-out by the time we reached the overly-sweet desserts.
            We heard that the regular chef has moved to a sister restaurant in Yonkers. Was it just bad New Year's luck? Has anyone tried them recently on a non-holiday night?

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            1. re: TeddyTD
              addictedtolunch Jan 12, 2008 03:12 AM

              Have to agree- last time I was there a couple of months ago the service and presentation wasn't what it had been in the past. I'm not running back.

              1. re: addictedtolunch
                Shawn Jan 12, 2008 06:47 AM

                Sadly, I agree. Xaviar's was always our go-to occasion place, but our last visit several months ago was not up to previous standards. The food was good to very good, but not excellent as it had been in the past. We had brought guests this time around and had raved to them about the place, so we were disappointed that the meal was not at all rave-worthy.

              2. re: TeddyTD
                bmgjrg Jan 12, 2008 09:55 PM

                Perhaps the "regular" chef moved to Peter Kelly's new place X20 in Yonkers? We had lunch there a few days ago. Our group was large (about 20 people) and each and everyone was very pleased. Fixed prix lunch was delicious and beautifully presented. Also the views of the Hudson were lovely.

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