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Oct 13, 2002 04:27 PM

New Restaurant in Yonkers

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Last week a new restaurant opened in Yonkers. Over the weekend the huge parking lot was full and the surrounding street was filled with cars. There had been restaurants at this location before(Ground Round and Tropical Acres). The new place tore down these previous establishments and rebuilt. It is called the Boulder Creek. Has anyone been to it? If so, how's the food? It is located on Central Park Ave.

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  1. Boulder Creek is owned by Sbarros and Scotto
    Bros(westbury manor, fox hollow, chateaubriand,
    etc.) It is a medium priced steakhouse.
    It's a decent twenty dollar steak
    Plenty of branches in Long Island, couple
    in Queens
    For what you pay and what you get its totally

    1. I've had the filet mignon at their Hauppauge, Long Island location and I've never been back. The meat had a strange twang to it; if I had to describe it I'd say it was an ever so slight rancid taste combined with a sort of gameness. My dining partner agreed. Even the salads were sub-par. I'll never understand why the parking lot is always full. The Outback Steakhouses blow Boulder Creek WAY out to sea.

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      1. re: Gerry

        definitely outback over boulder

        1. re: Gerry

          Boulder Creek is ten hundred times better than Outback!! (Or as we say "Outhouse"!) You obviously do not know what you are talking about. I have been to Outback 3 or 4 times (always willing to give a second chance) and have never had a great meal. Barely even a good one. Boulder Creek is SO MUCH BETTER!!

        2. Went to the one in Bay Shore last night.

          It sucked big time. The only thing good were the stuffed potatoes.