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Crabtree's Kittle House in Chappaqua

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Anyone been there for dinner or an event? We're looking at it for our wedding and wanted some opinions!

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  1. I've had dinner there several times and ran a 50 person business meeting, and have always enjoyed my meals. However, for weddings you will likely end up in their downstairs room, and although it does have a nice garden outside, I have never been impressed with the room itself. YMMV.

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      I have been to more parties than I can possibly count at this establishment, many of which were downstairs...and I think that that room is simply beautiful, quite possibly nicer for a party than the upstairs/main dining room. Perhaps you have not visited recently, to see the redecorating that they have done, but I don't think that I would want to have a wedding upstairs...it is much more private downstairs and very beautiful and accomadating.

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        Pat Goldberg

        When was the redecorating done? I was there (again) in June and didn't notice anything spectacular. Furthermore, the low ceiling makes for pretty intimidating acoustics.

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      Pat Goldberg

      I have been there for more business dinners than I can count. I also attended a wedding there in late June. In all cases, the venue was the downstairs room. In addition, I have eaten in the main dining room on occasion, and at smaller functions in a private room upstairs.

      The wedding itself took place outside on the lawn, where drinks, etc., were also served. The dinner was indoors and there was enough space for a DJ and dancing. The menu was nicely chosen, but the quality of preparation was "standard wedding."

      Pat G.

      1. I agree with the other posters. We looked at it for our wedding and have been to business parties as well as just dinner there. The food is excellent in the dining room but we were unimpressed with the menus at parties in the function room. If you have your wedding during the afternoon, you can have it upstairs. But if you want an evening reception, it's the downstairs room, which has the feeling of a "basement rec room."

        1. Yes, yes, yes! We had our daughter's wedding there a little over a year ago, and a friend just had her son's wedding there. Food is excellent, staff is incredible. They are really helpful. The number of gratis brunches we had was amazing, they gave us several lovely rooms for the night before and night after, they were willing to work with us about absolutely everying. We had a cocktail hour that was outside, and couldn't have been more charming. We chose a sit-down first course (very elegantly prepared) and then a buffet dinner, as we had many different peculiarities to satisfy. That gave us a huge range of entrees. Then a served dessert. Whether or not you use them, you need to consider one of the florists they recommend - Sue Meaney at The Cheshire Tree. Fabulous, and so nice!! E-mail me if you want more details (or want to see the pictures!! LOL)

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            Please send me your photos Alice, I am getting married there. ricandevil@aol.com


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              This thread is 7 years old. I know there's been a more recent thread-- search the board.

          2. I know that this is an older thread but it seems to fit the following update as it is about Kittle House and it was the last one updated:
            Kittle House Has A New Look and a New Chef

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              Jon - thanks for that. The chef cooked at PerSe - worth another try!

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                Fingers crossed! This used to be one of my favs.....

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                  Thanks for that update Jon, so glad they decided to work on this beautiful old building. Hopefully the upstairs will be next. Anxious to see what the new chef has to offer.

                2. After reading about the recent overhaul they are doing, my DH and I headed over for dinner last night. We did not have a reservation, and the main dining room was mostly empty when we arrived (7:30ish on a Friday) They are about half way through the renovation: the walls have been painted and all the old oriental rugs removed leaving bare oak floors. Lighting has been updated, although all fixtures still not in place. Only had a few new chairs in place (leather modern looking), no artwork yet, windows still waiting for new curtains etc.
                  The new menu was nice, farm to table dishes with a french influence. I had a salad of baby lettuces with a clementine-citron dressing and for the main course duck breast with parsnips and sour cherries. Both dishes were good, but nothing exciting IMO. The duck seemed very similar to the one served at Iron Horse. DH had a quail starter he enjoyed, and lamb for the main course. Said both were good. Service and wine were both excellent.
                  I am happy that they have decided to renovate, it was great to see the changes to the menu. Having said that, I hope the finishing touches tie together and /or warm up what we saw last night- the decor was a little bland- I felt like everything came out of a Restoration Hardware catalog. I know that may not seem like a negative to everyone, but to me it seemed like part of the character of the house was gone. However I will leave it at that until we are able to experience the full package and everything is complete- management said another month, so I would make it 2. And please oh please I hope they don't forget to update the bathroom.....