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Sep 2, 2002 09:50 PM

Recommendations for the river towns (Hastings/Dobbs Ferry/Irvington/Tarrytown)

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Always find myself trying to figure out where to go. I've done most of what Ttown has to offer (although I can never find myself trying Iago di Como after everything I've heard through the years). We've found a bunch of places but there has got to be more. Anyone haave suggestions or experiences they'd care to share?

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  1. not far in pleasantville, try cafe stregga, they have definetly improved

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      Josh Mittleman

      What are you looking for? Expensive & fancy? Expensive & laid-back? Inexpensive? Any particular cuisines?

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      1. re: Josh Mittleman

        Well, we've been to Harvest and Sun, Moon, Spoon (although I know SMS changed hands recently) in Hastings.

        We've done pretty much everything Ttown has to offer.

        Basically I was trying to get a feel for the restaurants along the main drag in Dobbs Ferry and Irvington. And other alternatives down in Hastings. Not looking for anything specific really as much as a general overview of the offerings.

        We happened on a good place in Ardsley over the weekend, Guiseppe's. It was a pleasant surprise if unextraordinary. Just want to keep expanding the roster of places to go.

        Thanks for any info you can offer up in advance.

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          A FEW EXCELLENT RESTAURANTS in Hastings, Dobbs Ferry.

          Mima Restaurant, Irvington, NY Excellent Food! and atmosphere.
          The Cookery, Dobbs Ferry, Ny Excellent Food and atmosphere. Can be noisy always crowded.

          Harvest on the Hudson, Hastings, NY Excellent and expensive!

          Zuppa's in Yonkers. Excellent!

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            This question was originally posted 8 years ago in 2002.

      2. Red Hat in Irvington is great.

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          Did Red Hat. It's "O.K." but I don't get the ooh-la-la treatment it receives. Over-rated IMHO, and too expensive for what you are getting.

        2. Tarrytown has a really good Greek-Lefteris, Indian, is right up the street, French-Chiboust is good. I would go to the food shop called Mint, get some baguettes, other really good food, then go up to the wine shop near Horsefeathers, get some wine, then find a shady tree.

          1. My favorites in the area are...

            In Hastings: Haven't been to Buffet de la Gare since they changed owners, but it used to be great for a special evening out. I'm not crazy about Blu or Harvest, but they're both in nice settings. Especially Harvest.

            In Dobbs Ferry: Piccola Trattoria on Cedar Street serves good home-style pasta. It's cozy and not expensive. Sushi Mike's on the corner of Main and Cedar has the best sushi around. Try to go during the week, though, it gets crowded. I like Tomatillo on Cedar for fresh-tasting burritos. There's also a great cheese shop on Cedar, FYI.

            In Irvington: The Red Hat is my favorite (be sure to make a reservation) and I also like River City Grille.

            I think you've got the highlights in Tarrytown already.

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            1. re: dschube

              My understanding is Buffet de La Gare is that the previous owners took it back a year or two ago. My French stepmom loves this place, so we finally went with friends last night for a special pre-holiday night out. It was fanstastic all around... graciously hosted, attentive waiters, superb food. Happy we had four people so we could taste broadly... apps = escargot, duo of soups (awesome mushroom and a vegetable), frisee salad with lardons, vol au vent with lobster/leeks, mains = venison in a cherry sauce, sweetbreads with morels, snapper in red wine/shallot sauce, great side of sauteed spinach, desserts = profiteroles, crepe Suzette, creme brulee. A couple of great glasses of wine (didn't get the name...) and a single malt for spouse. I didn't see the tab as the gents dealt with it, but I know it was a splurge. But SO worth it. Looking forward to a visit in the future.

              1. re: Nancy C

                Buffet is a little dated, both in decor and cuisine, IMHO. For a more modern and creative experience, I like Le Provencal in Mamaroneck or Jardin du Roi in Chappaqua; and for a really high end French experience there is no other like Jean-Louis in Greenwich Ct.

                1. re: menton1

                  But, of course, none of those places are in river towns.

                  I had a great meal last night with a small group at Mima in Irvington. My first time there, but I hope to go back. We started by sharing a charcuterie and cheese assortment--you choose how many items you'd like, then choose from a selection of cheeses and meats. Our waiter was very knowledgeable and helpful.

                  Bread was delicious too, with a tiny carafe of fruity olive oil for our bread plates.

                  Each of the four of us had a (fresh, made on site) pasta dish. Two of us had the orchiette, which was served with pancetta, peas, brussels sprouts and asiago. Beautiful and delicious. Shared a side dish of escarole with white beans--I think I could have made a meal with that and another of the small plates.

                  Dinner for four with a bottle of wine before tip was $153.

                  1. re: Elisa515

                    That's true, I was just staying in the "French" category...

                    No one has mentioned Blu in Hastings... is that still around and if so what's the latest scoop?

                2. re: Nancy C

                  I've never been to Buffet but have a business dinner there on Thursday and am looking forward to it (especially since I don't have to pay).

                  I just had dinner tonight at Chutney Masala Indian in Irvington. I don't consider myself an Indian food gourmet but I really enjoyed it and it gets very good reviews online. They're on so you can save on your dinner if you eat there Sunday-Thursday.