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Aug 29, 2002 03:46 PM

Village Gourmet, Rutherford, NJ

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Looking for some feedback on this resturant. Any info much appreciated

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  1. I've never had anything dissappointing, but not spectacular either. Service is typically slow, it's byob & they have a liquor "store" built in the middle of the dining room. Good for a casual meal with friends if you are not in any hurry.

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      I don't understand why locals in my area (East Rutherford and Rutherford) RAVE about this joint. There is nothing interesting here at all. The only thing good is that they have a wine shop attached so it is one of the few places in Rutherford that you can get liquor for dinner.
      But I say remember to bring a bottle and go to Sorrento's on Park, Mignon on Park, or definitely Taos.

      Village Gourmet, I believed, is owned by the same guy that owns Mignon, Taos, and Tina Louise. Taos is phenomenal. Mignon is very good. Village Gourmet is definitely skippable. Definitely. I just don't get it. Is good, nonchain, food that hard to come by in NJ that everyone can praise this bland place?