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Aug 29, 2002 12:41 AM


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i don't know the city well but i have been going to a doctor in bridgeport once a month. generally i don't usually linger or wander far from the train station and the university and what i have seen is devoid of good food. is there anything/anyplace to try? pizza, perhaps? recent immigrant food would be great too.

thanks in advance.

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  1. Head over to Ralph and Rich's. Not sure the name of the street though..John St??? Ask around at the doctors office and I am sure they will tell you. YOu are going to be very surprised. I don't think it's a far walk from where you are.

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      It's at 815 Main Street in Bridgeport -- one of my very favorite restaurants!

    2. EU, Lots of great ethnic eats in Bridgeport. Ralph & Rich's is good solid Italian-American or Roberto's which is also downtown. Up Main Street a little bit is Omanel..great Portugese food. Try the Baccalau a la Braz...tender salt cod with eggs olives and fried potatos...have a nice bottle of Vino Verde...sorry about the spelling. Or you can go to the Kossuth Club serving Hungarian/polish grub...great stuffed cabbage.
      Or if you would like to go to a nice Irish pub try The Black Rock Castle on Fairfield Ave...