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Jul 10, 2002 09:44 PM

Informal Lobster Restaurant Near NYC

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Can anyone recommend a restaurant within 1 or 1 ½ hour’s drive of NYC that meets the following criteria?

- Excellent fresh lobsters, simply steamed
- Informal atmosphere
- Waterside location
- Outdoor dining preferred

Proximity to a beach would be an added plus.

Thanks to all.

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  1. Jordan Lobster Farms in Island Park (Long Island) now runs a casual lobster bar (Memorial Day thru Labor Day).

    They have lobsters, other seafood, sandwiches, chowders, and more. All priced reasonably too.

    It's extremely close to Nassau's south-shore beaches (Long Beach, Lido Beach, Atlantic Beach, and Jones Beach).


    1. Moby's in Highlands, NJ at the drawbridge. It's a big shack on the water with a deck on top. You order at the window - lobsters, steamers, clams on the halfshell, softshells, etc., etc. It's pretty much cooked to order. They call your number when it's ready. You take your tray up on the roof making sure to nab plenty of napkins on the way. It's breezy up there and the view is really nice. (BTW, they also sell wine and beer.)
      And it's across the way from Sandy Hook so it's a good place to stop on the way to or from the beaches.

      1. Christina, Fat Guy, thanks. For completeness, I've received these suggestions elsewhere: City Island, Freeport LI, Steve's Pier 1 (Bayville), Abbott's (CT -- too far), and the original Jordan's in Brooklyn.

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          Tatyana Gourov

          Do not go to Steve's Pier One. It's a horrible overpriced tourist trap.

        2. Came across this today during a search.

          Any updates?

          1. I was always a proponent of City Island when others turned their noses up. A visit there a couple of weeks ago made me a non-believer. Traffic stinks, parking is impossible, every where you look it's filth, the food is way, way overpriced and frankly, nothing to write home about.

            As mentioned before in another post, I like Ebb Tide in Port Chester. It's as close to a decent "lobster shack" as we're going to get in Westchester.