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Jul 6, 2002 06:38 PM

Justin Thyme (Croton)

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Went to Justin Thyme (located where Elmer Suds used to be). They opened just a week ago, and things are promising so far. With the crazy weather and paltry selection of restaurants in our cmty, they've apparently been very busy this first week, but we got ourselves a table for two right away (next time I want to go in the small back room - no tin ceiling = less noise, no smoke (I hate it, no matter how minimal) from bar folk.

Started with 1800 Tequila margaritas, which were AOK (had three between the two of us!). I had a mesclun salad (dressing a bit to much Balsamic for me, but they put it on the side (not my request, but welcome) so could moderate dosage. Very fresh, gorgonzola cheese bits, croutons, etc. Had crabcakes appetizer, very fresh and not flown in/frozen, with a bit of corn salad on the side. Husband had chicken piccata - doesn't work as well as veal picatta for me, but was generous portion, fresh and lemony. Good side veggies and a swell baked potato. Had a homemade banana pie, not too sweet, not too much custard.

Chef is CIA graduate, wife is greeting and managing, and their respective teen/adult children are bartending, tending tables, and washing dishes. Daughter Jessica says he's particularly good with fish, likes using sushi grade salmon, etc. for hibachi style grilled items, etc.

I'm going to go try again - anywhere in Croton with 7-8 dinner salads on the menu should succeeed in my book. Glad to have this option in our lives. Opening for lunch soon, and hoping to have a take out menu.

Nancy in Croton

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  1. Good to hear that it sounds promising. As I posted in a different thread, iDine is showing them as joining their program soon, so you'll be able to save 20% when eating there (or if you are a UPromise dining program member, get 10% of your meal cost contributed to a college savings plan).

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      Josh Mittleman

      I haven't tried it yet, but I did stop in to chat and check out the menu & the bar: burgers, sandwiches, salads, a few fish & pasta dishes, and a small selection of bottled beers. We'll try it at some point, but I was rather disappointed that it looks just like a dozen other places within 10 minutes drive. I had been hoping for something more interesting.

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        I hope that you find, as we did (on one visit, mind you), that the quality is better than the other pub/cafe types places in this area. It's not a destination restaurant, but so far, it's an improvement over the diner/pizza/Chinese array that's available in our neck of the woods!


        1. re: Nancy

          My wife and I just ate there last night and we were impressed with the overall quality of the food.

          The pork loin was cooked perfectly, while the halibut (special of the night) was just a little too dry. The garlic mashed potatoes were excellent, just a hint of garlic and not overbearing.

          The apple crisp for dessert was good, but could have been served a little warmer.

          As a beer and ale enthusiast, I was happy to see Guinness, Bass Ale and Sierra Nevada on tap.

          1. re: Nancy
            Josh Mittleman

            We tried it a few days ago, and the food is certainly a cut above the competition (e.g. Elmer's, Horsefeather's, Squire's, and the like). But the prices are also significantly higher.

            We had a couple appetizers: shrimp shumai which are good but not exceptional; and cajun grilled shrimp, which were very good, but oddly paired with a honey mustard sauce. White bean & escarole soup was excellent. The burgers are fine, and a burger ordered rare came rare (not always an easy thing to find). With a beer on tap and two bottles of cider, the meal was over $60.

            Ken commented on the beer selection. Having a few decent beers on tap is nice, but it's a pretty tame selection. I'd at least like to see them carry Sawmill River Porter; and Brooklyn Black Choc. Stout would be a real improvement over Guinness. The bottle selection is uninteresting; there, Elmer's has a real advantage.

        2. I just ate there last night and I have to say the food was very good. They have a creamy avocado soup with crab, watermelon, and tortilla strips, and it was surprisingly good. The marinated steak sandwich was good as well, and they managed to serve the meat rare.
          I would recommend this place to others so far, but haven't tried anything else on the menu yet.

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          1. re: arylinth

            This is an old thread except for the last post but I have eaten here several times and I can tell you they make good martinis, good wraps and great buffalo wings (extra crispy)

          2. I've been going to Justin Thyme since it opened, and even held a bridal shower there last year. I was there for dinner 2 weeks ago and was severely disappointed. I don't know if it was the regular chef's night off or what. The zucchini appetizer was undercooked, and the par-cooked batter on the inside clung to the zucchini rather unappealingly. My companion was unimpressed with his grilled chicken sandwich, saying he's had better at Wendy's. We were offered no refills of anything, nor did anyone ask how everything was. While I was trying to flag down the waitress after waiting a half hour for our check, she strode by, dropped it on the table, and kept walking. No query about coffee or dessert, which we didn't want by that time, having sat for a half hour staring at our empty plates.
            I doubt I will return.