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Jun 24, 2002 12:42 PM

Donut truck, Morris Ave, Hot Dog Truck, North Ave.

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Does anyone remember the Donut truck that parked on Morris Ave near the corner of North Ave. in Elizabeth? There was also a hot dog truck that had great chili dogs on North Ave, just East of Rt. 1-9. I just remembered these 2 places. They were both there for years.
Now - where can I find a chili dog like that, and donuts as good as I remember those 2 be? They were the best, at least my memry thinks they were. BTW, I'm going back at least 25 years ago...

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  1. I sure do remember the donut truck -- an old basic school bus or army surplus bus (probably army) in two-tone brown and cream/dull yellow. (BTW, it was technically parked in Union, not Elizabeth).

    Best donuts I ever had. Probably because they were fried in lard. The choice was simple: plain or with powdered sugar. And he always made it a baker's dozen, too.

    My guess is that the donut man located there sometime after WWII. I was born in 1947 and as a kid never remembered when he wasn't there, though I think he disappeared (maybe retired?) sometime in the late 1960s or early 1970s.

    I've never had donuts as good since, and I can't imagine I ever will again. It's one of those tastes from childhood that will never, ever be surpassed!

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      My brother, Geoff, and I were talkng about "The Donut Man" last night while we were at dinner with friends NOT from NJ. We were kids, living in North Plainfield, and we traveled every Sunday to Elizabeth to visit our grandmother. We always stopped at the donut truck and he would see 4 little kids coming to buy donuts and would give us a brown paper bag of "holes". We would soon have powdered sugar all over our shirts, but what a treat!!! What a memory!!

      Dona Dupre Lewis

    2. The donut truck goes back about 40 years! If anyone has a picture of the truck or the corner or Kean field at that corner from back then, I would be SO appreciative!

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        I always went there for donuts when I lived close by in Hillside.......I wonder if he ever sold his recipe to anyone ??......I would travel a great distance for those

      2. Yup, remember that wonderful truck! (Born and raised in NJ), I lived in Hillside and manys the time after shopping in Elizabeith would stop to buy donuts to bring home. Loved all that powder sugar! The second day - if any were left - the sugar soaked into the donut and the donut started going stale. Pity that here in Western Australia there is no such thing as this wonderful donut truck. Think I should start one?

        1. Great donuts and the truck was in Elizabeth. Union doesn't start until the other side of North Ave. The hot dog truck had great chili dogs. I used to take a quart jar there near the end of the day and he would sell me a quart of chili.

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            Any idea on how to make that kind of chili? So good. Ever see it anywhere else? Nothing I see comes close.

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              Was just googling to see if anything was posted about the recipe for these donuts. It must have been every families Sunday tradition. I lived a few blocks from here and couldn't wait for my dad to bring those warm donuts back to the car! Union or Elizabeth, doesn't matter where it was located, they were the best. Didn't the guy leave the recipe behind with someone??

            2. Still looking for pictures of the Donut truck ..... especially if the old Kean field on the corner is in the picture. Would love to have a picture of what the field and the donut truck looked like. :) Those WERE the days.....:)

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              1. re: perlagri

                used to go by there twice a day when commuting from Staten Island to Whippany in 1968. The most remarkable part was that when you went by at night, the truck looked so dilapidated that it was incapable of motion - and yet every morning it was gone...

                1. re: nick28

                  1968? Wow! The hollow tree on the corner by the truck was probably there. I would love to get a picture of that tree from anyone who used to pass that corner. :)

                2. re: perlagri

                  Go to Facebook group (I grew up in Elizabeth ) and they just found a picture of the donut bus on morris ave and are using it as the groups photo ...We have been looking for years for that pic ...