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Jun 20, 2002 10:43 AM

Prime Rib in Westchester?

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My husband is insistent on having his birthday dinner at a place that serves good prime rib on the bone. Not being a prime rib liker myself, and knowing that many steakhouses don't serve prime rib every day... does anyone know of a good place in the area? Preferably one that will also have good food for the non-prime rib eaters in the group.

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  1. The Willet House in Port Chester serve a classic prime rib (ask for horseradish sauce on the side). They offer two sizes, queen and king cuts. It's a fine steakhouse that offers some other good non-meat choices (often a good tuna steak, for example). Excellent salads, sides, onion soup... Definitely overpriced -- you'll pay top dollar (e.g., I believe it's $45 for a T-bone) at a place located in Port Chester, not the east side of Manhattan --but I think it's ideal for a birthday dinner.