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Jun 10, 2002 08:02 PM

Thomas' Ham & Eggery Menu Update

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Thomas' Ham & Eggery (Carle Place, NY) which has been mentioned several times on this board by me and others has added some new items to the menu. Ones that I've tried and greatly enjoyed are: apricot ricotta stuffed french toast, apple walnut raisin pancakes, and strawberry crossiant french toast (crossiant french toast topped with fresh sliced strawberries). Next on my list is the chicken sausage and leek frittata. See my previous post below for more info on the chicken sausage and the address.


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  1. I've had the chicken sausage and leek frittata several times and it's great. As much as I'd love to try other stuff, I can't veer myself away from the frittata. It's light and flavorful. I can finish the whole skillet without blinking but I refrain 'cause I have to save room for their awesome pound cake.

    I've embarrassed myself a few times by staring at other people's plates while waiting for a table at the door. The dishes you've mentioned are mouth-watering. Unfortunately, my husband says the stuffed french toasts are good but too much stuffing not enough toast. Oh well... it still doesn't stop us from going again.

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      Come to think of it, you're husband's right I don't remember being satisfied with just the french toast, but I find that the perfect excuse to order a side of chicken sausage. Then again I order a side of the chicken sausage with everything. It comes with two patties which are a bit much with something else, so I always bring a hungry friend. Haven't tried the pound cake, guess my next meal will be chicken sausage frittata and pound cake. Is it crossing the line if I order a side of chicken sausage with my frittata?

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        You've missed the best thing on the menu!!! Try the home-made corned beef hash and eggs in a skillet. Not the cheaper hash, which is commercial. The home-made is a dollar or two more but SOOOOO well worth the investment. I used to try various menu items, but got so hooked on the hash that for several successive visits the rest of the menu was ignored!