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Newburgh Hot Dogs

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Anyone ever been to any of at least a dozen "Texas Weiner" places in the Newburgh, NY area? Petes? Newburgh Lunch?
Which one is the best?

ANd, does anyone know where to buy Temple Hill natural casing dogs?

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  1. I would venture you will get most positive feedback for Pete's hot dogs. When my son-in-law (who grew up in the area)visits, he leaves the airport and heads straight to Pete's.
    We get bratwurst at Newburgh Packing Company. They probably have the hot dogs you are looking for. I can only vouch for the wurst, which is the best!

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      Paula Markonic

      Although I've moved from the area, the last time I've eaten at Pete's hot dog was Fall 2004, and they are still the best in Newburgh.

      1. Unfortunetly, Newburgh Meat Packing went out of business. The plant and cash-n-carry are closed now.


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          now that newburgh packing has closed does anybody know where you can get the temple hill hamburgers and hot dogs

        2. Getting back on topic....
          Pete's is the best I have had so far. I like his Texas dogs!

          There is a Dallas Weiners located in Kingston, Dallas Weiners II located in Kingston and another Dallas Weiners located in Saugerties. I have to check these places out. Anyone have opinions?

          How about Mochos in Kingston?

          Happy New Year!!


          1. Hey Matt,

            Just checked out your website, neat. I live near Kingston and have yet to check out either of the Dallas weiner shops, will try to do so soon and report back. Have a location for Mochos?, I'll check that too...

            I'm actually posting to see if you might have any info on a fabled hot dog spot somewhere near Bangor, Maine, supposedly run by a French-Canadian who fries his dogs in bacon fat. I've been trying to garner info on this establishment for awhile now to no avail, any chance you have a clue? I realize this is not totally topical for this thread but here goes anyhow...

            1. I will look into the Bangor, Maine vendor and get back to you.
              Macho's is down on Broadway, past Dallas Weiners II heading toward the Hospital. I have to check them all out, possibly next weekend. I am somewhat new to the streets of Kingston, Macho's might be right after the hospital. I just moved up here from Orange County, NY. If you ever visited the Maybrook Flea Market before we closed, you probably know me. Have a great New Year!


              1. Are you talking about Flo's?

                I tried Dallas Weiner's II a few weeks ago. They are ok. The dogs are skinless served either plain or with their special Dallas Weiner Sauce. The Special sauce is comprised of a layer of mustard, 2nd layer is finely chopped onions and topped off with a spicy meat sauce. Similar to a Texas Weiner, everything works together for a good taste. They have burgers and fries also. This place seats about 50 and has off street parking.

                The other Dallas Weiner stores are hard to get into.

                My page has been updated and now has a message forum dedicated to Hot Dogs:



                1. I was in Newburgh about 2 months ago. Pete's was great. They use a high quality Boars Head all beef dog that is simmerred in water. The chili was a little too hot (spicy0 for my taste. I was also at a fairly new place called World's Best Hot Dogs and Hamburgers in Newburgh. Excellent dogs! They serve a snap dog, which is an all beef natural casing Sabrett that is steamed. They also have a footlong, which is a long, skinless Sabrett that they prepare on a charcoal grill. I would get this one. You can also have a marinated dog, which is the footlong that has been marinated in honey.

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                    Thank you for your kind review of our little place. We greatly appreciate our customers that are as passionate about eating good food as we are about making it. Just one little correction we don't use Sabrett hot dogs at our restaurant. We get our meat provisions out of Connecticut; we believe their meat products are far superior.

                    Thank You
                    Worlds Best Hot Dogs & Hamburgers

                    1. re: wmikelic

                      Hi Wolfe,
                      I love the food at your restaurant and will be returning soon. But I stand by my statement that the dogs are Sabrett. I've tasted enough of them that I can easily identify them. I've also had Connecticut hot dogs as well. No doubt these are Sabrett. I would be willing to bet you money. I've been to almost 200 different hot dog establishments and it is common for the owners/managers to keep the brand's identity a secret, so I understand.

                      In my experiences, I've been told everything from "the dogs are made on premise" to "they are made to a special recipe just for us". In rare cases this is true, but most of the time it isn't. I can give numerous examples. People have told me that the dogs are made on premise but when I asked to see the sausage making equipment, they were unable to show it to me and admitted that they did not make their own. I've even seen empty boxes from the hot dog manufacturer that the establishment uses to put large orders in that people take home.

                      I've spoken to people I know at many hot dog companies including Marathon, the company that owns Sabrett. Because sampling and reviewing hot dogs is a hobby of mine, I've been able to find out information about their products and who uses them. For example, Katz's Deli in New York, Papaya King, and Gray's Papaya all use the same recipe Sabrett all beef frank. In the case of Papaya King and Gray's, it is the exact same dog. Katz's is the same recipe, but slightly larger in size. I have this information from numerous Sabrett distributors as well as the person in charge of private label who I've spoken to. He thought that I was looking to open my own place and told me that I can have the exact dogs as Papaya King. Now Papaya King says that their dogs are made from a special recipe. This is NOT TRUE. I know the plant manager at Best Provisions in Newark who told me that their all beef franks are made from the same recipe since the company opened. Again, different sizes and either skinless or with casing, but the same recipe. This has not stopped certain owners of hot dog restaurants from telling me that their dogs are made special for them from Best's to a different recipe when I know this is not true. And in the case of Sabrett, they have only 2 recipes. One for all beef, the other for beef and pork. The beef/pork dogs are used at the Windmill, Hot Grill, and Callahan's in New Jersey.

                      Food writer Ed Levine did some research after I told him about Marathon/Sabrett and came to the same conclusion. You can find his article online. I understand the reasons why people want to hide the identity of their dog. It is so that people think that the product is unique and that you can only get it there.

                      Years ago I paid $35.00 for 5 lbs of Papaya King hot dogs that had their label on it. Shortly thereafter I found out that I could purchase the same hot dogs at a Sabrett distributor for $17.00 There are however, exceptions when it comes to different recipes. A place near me used to use a frank from a local butcher shop. The shop was sold and the restaurant got the recipe and has the franks produced at Grote & Weigel of Connecticut. And it is a different recipe from Grote & Weigel's beef/pork griddle franks.

                      I love to enjoy hot dogs at home as well as at hot dog restaurants. That is another reason why I seek to find the manufacturer. My favorite beef dog is served at Syd's in Jersey. I know it is from Best, but it is bigger and with a natural casing. These dogs are simply not available in any stores. So I get them directly from Best's which is fairly close to my home. And for a fraction of what I pay at Syd's, I can enjoy the same dog prepared the same way (boiled, then grilled) in the comfort of my home. Only thing I caan't reproduce is the toppings. But that's ok since I prefer a quality dog with mustard only. Sometimes I like chili, which I can usually buy from the restaurant.

                      In any event, your dogs are excellent and well prepared.

                      1. re: hotdoglover

                        I always find it interesting when someone has no idea what they’re talking about , they just carry on and on. So, to you self-proclaimed Hot Dog aficionado, I will take you up on your bet. $5000.00 that our snap dog is NOT a Sabrett. With proof, of course. I’ll even make it less painful on you and let you use my personal email to respond so the embarrassment doesn’t become unbearable. wmikelic@gmail.com awaiting your response.

                        1. re: wmikelic


                          I'm surprised and happy for you that you are in business. My friends in the Newburgh area told me that you closed a while ago.

                          First of all I never proclaimed myself a hot dog aficionado. I am someone who loves hot dogs and am very familiar with a lot of brands since I've sampled so many. I can (and have) identified brands blindfolded. Let me ask you why now, 2 years later you are willing to take me up on your bet? You had your chance when I was at your place with my friends. You refused. Perhaps you're willing to take the bet now because you changed brands? Why all of a sudden are you willing to bet me 2 years later?

                          I was to your place 2 times. I was told by your partner that the footlong (skinless) and snap dog (natural casing) were the same brand from the same producer but different sizes, one had casing, and different methods of preparation. The next time I was told by you after I mentioned I knew the identity of the brand that you used different brands for each dog. Well, either you or your partner were not being truthful.

                          I trust my taste and there was no way that the snap dog was not Sabrett. Maybe this is not enough to convince someone, but I do know people in the industry. I contact distributors who will tell me who their customers are. You mentioned to me that you never had or never would use Sabrett hot dogs although you use their mustard..

                          Other than going by my taste, and the word of a distributor, how about this: I did not reveal this to you or your partner, but the first time I was in your store it was after a 2 hour ride. My friend and I both had to use the bathroom. He went first while I looked at a menu. When it was my turn I went through the door and instead of making a quick turn into the door that led to the bathroom, I walked straight down the small hall way to the end thinking that I was going to the bathroom. Instead, I ended up in the kitchen where I saw with my own eyes packages of hot dogs CLEARLY LABELLED SABRETT! The refrigerator was there and I took a look inside and saw the packages with the Sabrett label! Are you still going to deny that you used Sabrett? If I was you I would be embarrassed. It was evident that you didn't want your customers to know where you got your hot dogs, which I can understand. I've been through this with many people in the industry who sometimes claim to make their own dogs on premise. They admit this isn't true when they can't show me the sausage making equipment. The most common lie is when they claim their dogs are made to a special recipe just for them. Rarely is this true. My friends in the industry and those who work for and own some of these companies tell me the truth.

                          When I was at your place your partner and you gave contradictory answers. I have also been told by some hot dog restaurant owners that they make their own mustard and chili when I've seen the gallon jars of mustard and cans of Castleberry chili. I've even asked 2 owners at different times if their chili was homemade. One said it was, the other said it wasn't. When I told the one that his partner said it was homemade, he laughed. So I am used to all kinds of BS from many (not all) who own, manage, or work at hot dog restaurants. The bottom line is that it is a competitive business and people want to convince customers that they serve a unique product that you can only get at their establishment.

                          So I'll trust my experienced taste, the words of a distributor, and my own eyes and ability to read a label before I trust someone who not only contradicted his partner, went to great lenths to hide the identity of his product, but refused to take my bet. All you had to do was bring me back to the refrigerator and show me what was there. You didn't because you knew I was right and did not have the chance to clear out your inventory.

                          Now, roughly 2 years later you finally decide to take me up on my bet. Give me a break.

                          1. re: hotdoglover


                            No response? I'm not surprised. I stand by what I post and I challenge you to show me or point out where I am wrong in the post before your last one where you accuse me of not knowing what I'm talking about. I gave you some facts that can be easily verified. I find it odd that you wait 2 years before you even respond. I hope it's not another 2 years before you respond again.

                            While I like to know the brand of hot dog I'm eating when I visit a place for the first time (I feel I have a right to know what I'm eating) I can understand and respect people who do not want to reveal it. This debate has been covered in depth on Roafdfood. Sometimes I've been told the brand but asked not to reveal it on a forum. I keep my word. But when I'm lied to and told by my friends living in the Newburgh area that you and your partner read our posts and had great fun listening to us speculate on the brand while totally misleading us about getting your dogs from Connecticut, well then I have no qualms about revealing your dishonesty. All you had to do was tell us that you did not wish to reveal where you got your dogs from and left it at that.

                            Since you accused me of not knowing what I'm talking about as well as putting words in my mouth (where did I ever call myself a hot dog aficianado?), I felt the need to respond publicly.

                            But I'll make it less painful for you and let you use my personal e-mail to respond so the embarrasment doesn't become unbearable

                            salempost1@aol.com. Hope it isn't another 2 years before I hear from you. Did you open up again for business?

                          2. re: wmikelic

                            So, Mike, are you in business... what is your business address and what are your hours.

                            I won't bet that your dogs are Sabrett or not, but I will give you a try...

                            1. re: georgeb

                              I agree with George -- where is this place? I am a Pete's Hot Dogs fan (Newburgh Lunch and the Broadway Coffee Shop are good, too) , but have never heard of this other place.

                              1. re: JessNY

                                They went out of business 2 years ago. After the recent posts, I spoke with a friend in Newburgh who told me that they were still out of business. I forgot to ask for the location, but from what I remember, it was on rt 9 or rt 9 with a letter after it. Across the street from either an adult book store or go go bar. Maybe Wolfe can respond and confirm if he opened again or is still closed.

                                1. re: hotdoglover

                                  Anyone know if this place is back in business? Or is it a new hot dog restaurant? It was located in a mini mall about 5 minutes north of Rt. 84 on Rt 9W on the left for those heading northbound.

                                  I'd like to know as I am planning a trip to Newburgh and nearby to sample hot dogs. Pete's will be a stop as well as a few others. The above mentioned place served very good hot dogs and provided good service. Even if the owners were less than honest.

                    2. I used to frequent Texas Hot Weiners on lower Broadway and of course Pete's which was right across the street from Sam and Bills...........that was 1950. When I go back to Newburgh I still go to Pete's with a great friend of mine from Cornwall Central High School. We would drive fast to Pete's at lunch time, get a dozen dogs and get back to school in time. Great with an orange ice or Petlinz chocolate milk, those were the good days. Since then, its 2010 now, Sam and Bills is long gone, still a diner but not the same, Texas Hot Weiners is long gone but Pete's remains, Owned I think by the Orsini family whom I went to school with. Good things are hard to find but this is one of them. I recall the hot dogs used to be 5 cents, then it jumped terrilbly to 25 cents, I could sure tell you stories of all those great memories Newburgh Packing is now closed who used to make the hot dog, you can find them here and there but its difficult.