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Jun 5, 2002 03:27 PM

Newburgh Hot Dogs

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Anyone ever been to any of at least a dozen "Texas Weiner" places in the Newburgh, NY area? Petes? Newburgh Lunch?
Which one is the best?

ANd, does anyone know where to buy Temple Hill natural casing dogs?

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  1. I would venture you will get most positive feedback for Pete's hot dogs. When my son-in-law (who grew up in the area)visits, he leaves the airport and heads straight to Pete's.
    We get bratwurst at Newburgh Packing Company. They probably have the hot dogs you are looking for. I can only vouch for the wurst, which is the best!

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      Paula Markonic

      Although I've moved from the area, the last time I've eaten at Pete's hot dog was Fall 2004, and they are still the best in Newburgh.

      1. Unfortunetly, Newburgh Meat Packing went out of business. The plant and cash-n-carry are closed now.


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        1. re: Hot Dog King

          now that newburgh packing has closed does anybody know where you can get the temple hill hamburgers and hot dogs

        2. Getting back on topic....
          Pete's is the best I have had so far. I like his Texas dogs!

          There is a Dallas Weiners located in Kingston, Dallas Weiners II located in Kingston and another Dallas Weiners located in Saugerties. I have to check these places out. Anyone have opinions?

          How about Mochos in Kingston?

          Happy New Year!!


          1. Hey Matt,

            Just checked out your website, neat. I live near Kingston and have yet to check out either of the Dallas weiner shops, will try to do so soon and report back. Have a location for Mochos?, I'll check that too...

            I'm actually posting to see if you might have any info on a fabled hot dog spot somewhere near Bangor, Maine, supposedly run by a French-Canadian who fries his dogs in bacon fat. I've been trying to garner info on this establishment for awhile now to no avail, any chance you have a clue? I realize this is not totally topical for this thread but here goes anyhow...