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May 12, 2002 06:49 PM

cafe matisse rutherford nj

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Looking for a great french restaurant; This place looks great, but ALL entrees are $36, and ALL appetizers are $9. Anyone know if this is worth it? Sounds like one of the highet priced restos in NJ.

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  1. I live a few blocks away but have yet to eat there - I'm waiting for some REALLY special occasion but have only been here two years and it just hasn't occurred yet. Do a search in the forum archives - I recall reading a thread on Matisse and it was mixed - some genuine raves and also some thumbs down (specifically that it was too $$ for what you get).

    1. I've eaten here twice (but not in the last 2 years) and they were two of the best meals i've eaten in NJ. I know many think that it's overpriced, and it IS indeed expensive, but i found the food to be EXCELLENT.

      BTW, it's BYOB (so at least that'll cut the cost down somewhat). If you forget to bring a bottle, they operate a wine shop in the front of the restaurant.

      1. very expensive. But I thought it was very good.