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May 11, 2002 03:06 AM

Remember Victoria Station?

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Hey, does anyone remember the steak/burger joint Victoria Station that used to be where Bertucci's is on the post road in Norwalk near the Darien border??? Their dining room used to be in a real red caboose, I always thought it was so cool, and they had an amazing all you can eat beef rib special...I miss it...See ya!

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  1. i remember them all well,imho they were horrible

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    1. re: sk

      oh, my, god, Billy....I remember it well, and mine and my husbands favorite ( also Billy ) were the all you can eat beef ribs! I think my Billy set the record there, they really could not believe the quantity consumed....they were also in White Plainns when we were growing up...

    2. Great prime rib. I finished the track 3 with no problem. (1980's Larkspur CA.) only the track 1 and 2 were on the menu. At the bottom of the menu, it was listed as "for the really hungry, ask about the track 3" Great salad and loved the R/R cars.