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Good Jersey Bakery?

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Can anyone direct me to a great dessert bakery in NE Jersey or Monmouth County? Anywhere north of Asbury Park will do.

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  1. Dessert Bakery? What type of desserts? Some bakeries are known for their great crumb cakes, others for their babka's, others for pastries. What is it that you like or are looking for.

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      Really, anything good. Cakes, cookies, pastries, Italian, French, Middle Eastern...anything you would recommend as "special". Almost every bakery I've been to in Jersey, and it's not a lot of places I admit, has been average. Only great ones I've found are Marie Antoinettes in Ridgewood (which is now closed), and Randolphs in Very SW Jersey.

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        Well, for a really great crumb cake you must try B & W Bakery, 614 Main St, Hackensack, NJ, 201-342-5577

        For a wonderful Pecan and Raisen Babka, along with a number of other great cakes try the Allwood Bakery, 70 Market St, Clifton, NJ, 973-473-1467

        For fabulous cheesecakes go to Marc's Cheese Cake,53 Valley Rd, Clifton, NJ 07013,973-684-8511. It's a just a storefront shop with 30 homemade wonderful cheesecakes and now brownies that are unbelieveable.

        I just found a website that has a number of reviews on bakeries it's linked below. Enjoy!!!!!

        Link: http://www.digitalcity.com/northjerse...

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          Made a trip down today specifically to check out the crumb cake at B&W Bakery. I'm not much of a crumb cake person but my best friend and my family are so I bought a slab. Wow, it is really, really good. Not the dry, crumbly type I've had in the past (and probably the reason I'm not a crumb cake person). I didn't buy anything else knowing we'd just gorge ourselves and you didn't mention whether most everything was above-average or just a few items. The rum cake slices looked particularly good...but, I live in the Hudson Valley and it's quite a trip for me; are they worth going back for?

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          B&W is indeed very, very good. Excellent crumb cakes, linzer tarts, etc. Very clean, too. Just returned to my roots (Bergen County) after 10 years and saw for myself the tragedy that was once the finest bakery in all of NJ - The Butterflake in Teaneck.

          Hound "urthere" and I had a discussion several months ago and she tried to enlighten me about the Butterflake. That's why she now goes to DePerios I'm sure. I had to see for myself.

          The Butterflake was obviously sold to some very religious Jews - the place is closed on Saturday - no baking after sundown Friday to sundown Saturday. I looked in the window and got sick to my stomach. Where were the huge coconut cream pies, the butter cookies, the rainbows, the almond horns, the seven layer cakes! Where, where where! So depressing.

          And, the Royal Deli, once one of Bergen County's finest is also gone. My childhood rememberances are gone forever.

          So, I got back in the car and headed for B&W for some wonderful baked goods - go there!! All is not lost.

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            Sorry Hound - its thereuare.

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              Yes, B&W is a good one. There is La Petit Patissere (sp?) in Dumont that is very good and Alpine Rose in Oradell is another good one.

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                I went to school in Teaneck and I remember Royal deli and the Butterflake, but also Gratzel's bakery. They had the best checkerboard cake ever. Bloomingdale's in Hackensack (before it had the mall) got their cakes there for their restaurant too. There was also Tabatchniks and, of course, Bischoffs ice cream parlor, which, I believe it still there.

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                  I too lived in Teaneck years ago and just loved loved loved Gratzels Bakery. The town is not the same.

                  Does anyone have Gratzels Checkerboard cake recipe to share?

                  1. re: mimi613

                    No one makes the checkerboard like Gratzel's. They actually had the cholocate filling all around each square. Can't do that with one of those checkerboard pans! I'd love to have their recipe.

          2. DiPiero's in Montvale, NJ.

            1. Fuggeddaboudit!! There are no REAL bakeries anywhere near that area of Monmouth County - I've been looking for years. There was a place in Spring Lake, but I am positve it has closed, but please correct me if I am wrong. One small ray of hope is a bakery in Red Bank on Broad Street whose name escapes me for some reason just now - I think it starts with a Z - Zuni or something like that. It is in the area around the hardware store, Prown's, same side of the street. Nice bread, good pastries and cookies, but very limited selection.

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                Pat, you're thinking of Zebu Cafe on Broad St. I wouldn't call it great, but it's better than anything else I've tried in Monmouth County. They seem to more of a bread bakery. I've tried the big cookies, which are nothing special. They sell several types of pre-made salads and foccacia for lunch -- they look good and fresh. Nice friendly place.

                I like Zebu's rye bread. It's not a classic rye. It's lighter-weight and baked in a loaf pan. It has a good flavor and lots of carrawy seeds. You can also buy Zebu breads at Dearborn Farms in Holmdel.

                I, too, lament the complete lack of good bakeries in the Monmouth County. Zebus seems to be as good as it gets. There are too many bad Italian bakeries around here. But I will keep searching...

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                  Isn't there a bread bakery in Bradley Beach? Main and Fifth? I thought the cookies were pretty good, but I haven't really sampled it.

              2. For better than good classic Italian pastries there are two bakers under the name Calandra's in Northern NJ. The one I go to is in ummm Fairfield I believe which is Passaic county. Some of their stuff is really really good - good Sfogliatelle, conole, cakes, they make their own French ice cream and fresh bread every hour. They're open 366 days a year until 9 each night I think.

                1. My knowledge of Jersey bakeries is far from up to date since leaving Hoboken 22 years ago, but if your sweet tooth needs sugar, flour and fat, this place (just over the line in Middlesex County, not far from Englishtown) will satisfy the craving. Nothing exceptional or too ethic, but better-than-average quality.

                  Mendokers' Quality Bakery
                  34 W Railroad Ave,Jamesburg,NJ 08831
                  Phone: (732) 521-0056

                  1. There is an Italian bakery in Summit,185 Broad St. called Natale's Bakery. It has been posted on this site before. They have the best bread and pastries that I have tasted in NJ. My wife is from Brooklyn and she puts it up there with the best in Brooklyn. The phone # is (908) 277-2074 enjoy.


                    1. Balthazar (same as in NYC). S. Dean St., Englewood

                      1. Anybody know anything about Muller's bakery? Down the shore but I'm not sure where. I've been told their crumbcake is better than B. & W. Incidently, I got my wedding cake at B. & W.

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                          Drew E,

                          How was their wedding cake? And do you remember what flavor you got, the cost, etc?

                        2. There's this great bakery in Matawan, NJ.

                          247 Main St.
                          Matawan, NJ 07747



                          Great cakes, cookies, pastries, bread, everything!

                          1. Try Bovella's in Westfield, NJ, great serious Italian pastries/cookies and wonderful cakes. NOT for bread tho - they never have anything worth getting but for the aforementioned they can't be beat. Best in the area and my husband's very Italian family begs us to bring them w/us whenever we visit them. Best cannoli's around - even I like them, and I'm not a lover of them in general.


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                              BOVELLA's is the best bakery in the area, closest to a true Brooklyn bakery. Excellent italian pastries and cookies.

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                                I concur, Bovella's is outstanding, it smells amazing inside, they have great service, and the cookies I tried were delicious. The cannolis are probably one of the best versions I've ever had, especially because the crust was unusually crisp and light instead of heavy and stale as with many versions.

                              2. I grew up in Berkeley Heights and I never went to a Jersey bakery that wasn't good! I miss the Jersey bakeries!!!!!

                                1. Try Gâteaux Bakery on Route 1 in Edison. Their desserts and breads are super creative and taste awesome. They do Asian baked goods, French and American ones. It's pretty cheap, too.

                                  1. carlo's in hoboken is amazing. they do some out of control cakes!

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                                      An early sign of things to come for Carlo's!

                                    2. Ever give Delicious Orchards, Rt. 34 in Colts Neck a try?
                                      They have fresh baked pies, breads, desserts and some time back when I was looking for a cake bakery in Monmouth several 'hounds suggested Delicious Orchards (which did not occur to me immediately) and the sheet cake we ordered was amazingly delicious and fresh.


                                      Warning: you might go in for the bakery but you're bound to come out with a basket full-make sure the trunk is empty!

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                                        Delicious Orchards IS the best! LOVE their apricot danish and apple cider donuts!

                                      2. i will say delicious orchards is awesome. a friend always brings pies from there and they are quite amazing!!

                                        1. http://www.cakesofart.com/
                                          i saw and sampled one of her cakes..she will do anything...fabulous

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                                            LOL, that's an unfortunate website address that bakery picked out. when I first looked at it I thought it said cakes of fart. Sorry, that IS what I thought it said. I had to to the website to see what it was. I thought your post was a joke at first!

                                            1. re: sivyaleah

                                              i know i thought the same thing....not the best name!..but her cakes are beautiful and delicious..not a bakery but shes a wonderful baker

                                          2. Delicious Orchards makes wonderful pies, donuts and cookies (American), not an Italian bakery, fyi. Pies are ALWAYS fresh! Bovella's is a great italian bakery, in Westfield as well as (i think its Ferrara's) on 22 in Bridgewater.

                                            1. A new bakery just opened on South Avenue, in Plainfied, where Margie's Cake Box used to be. It's called Sweet Lew's. I have only tried their black and white cookies (but that is a good barometer of a bakery, IMO), and it was excellent.


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                                                Thanks for that tip! I live close by - I'll have to give it a shot. Do they have breads there too?

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                                                  Oh..I didn't know Margie's Cake Box went out...I use to love their Mocha Cake!

                                                2. There is a sign saying "we have challah". I did a quick in and out, and I didn't look to see if they had any (I had to get home to punch my own dough down :-) ). It would be nice if they made a good seeded rye, but that might be too much to ask for in this day and age.

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                                                    Oy vey! If I could find a good seeded rye I will have died and gone to heaven. This is one of those childhood memories I treasure. My grandmother used to come over on Wednesday, dragging a seeded rye, with a hard crust (it HAD to have a hard crust!), with a bar of butter and my mom would make a pot of coffee and she'd allow us kids to indulge in a bit of coffee and slabs of bread and butter as her and my grandmother gossiped away in yiddish.

                                                    I haven't found that kind of bread since I've been living back in NJ - and that's a long long time.

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                                                      Salomon's, in Manalapan, is very much an old-style Jewish bakery. It's been in business for more than 35 years and, though the ownership changed a few years ago (I believe it's now owned by Hispanics), they have not changed a thing -- other than staying open later and no longer being closed on Mondays.

                                                      Very good challah, pumpernickle and rye breads. (I prefer my rye without seeds.) Fine variety of danish. I occasionally buy their seven-layer cake. But my favorite by far is their chocolate-covered marble cake. Yum! The one downside: no Charlotte Russes. :-(

                                                      1. re: RGR

                                                        is this off of 9 by union hill road?

                                                        1. re: angelo04

                                                          No, it's a little further south, in the Foodtown Shopping Center, off Tennent Rd.

                                                  2. La Bella in the strip mall in Old Bridge on 9 north just passed Ferry Road is decent. Doesn't rival Brooklyn or Staten Island but as close as I could find......so far. Cannolis and paseries are accepatble, prosciutto bread is pretty good, but the best thing they have is their Spumoni. It rivals the famous spumoni of L&B's in Brooklyn. Had a Spumoni cake for my son's Chrsitening and everyone loved it.

                                                    1. Well, since this five year old thread has morphed into a general discussion of Jersey bakeries, I'll add my two cents worth.

                                                      There used to be a wonderful little bakery called Las Delicias on French Street in New Brunswick. I don't know if it's still there. They had/have pastries from Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

                                                      I also like The Dessert Plate in Somerville (across from the court house). Everything I've had there was wonderful. They have a few tables inside so it's a great spot for a mid-afternoon break from antiquing in Somerville.

                                                      I've also tried Cocoluxe in Peapack, which has received a lot of press, but I remain unimpressed.

                                                      My favorite bakery in Hunterdon County is the one attached to the Clinton House restaurant in Clinton. These folks really know what they're doing! They make all the desserts for the restaurant but also sell retail. I have never been disappointed here.

                                                      1. michelle's in the linwood plaza...fort lee...everything is just great!

                                                        1. Muellers Bakery on Bridge Avenue in Bay Head. The best crumb cake ever !!!

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                                                            They make a good crumb bun, but not worth the long wait. Other than that, the breads are ok, notelably the rye—the others are just adequate. Better Italian varieties elsewhere nearby/ Kaiser rolls are good. Pies are average. Made to order cakes with cannoli filling are tasty. Otherwise somewhat overpriced (by they way, why are the prices such a secret?) and the wait to be served is absurd. Overrated for average baked goods.

                                                          2. Natale's Bakery in Summit is amazing.


                                                            Try the Philly Fluff cake...it's to die for.

                                                            1. I was on a bakery quest in Central NJ. Mendokers is my hometown bakery, no complaints but I found Shanahan's Bakery (and cafe) in Milltown NJ.
                                                              It exceeded my expectations!
                                                              Try the Kifley - Oh My!

                                                              I also found
                                                              What's For Dessert In Spring Lake NJ Rt 71 moving to Wall NJ Rt 71 Next week
                                                              This was the BEST smelling place I ever walked into.
                                                              The sugar cookies were amazing!

                                                              1. Argentina Bakery in Union City has some pretty rockin' empanadas (filled with more or less anything you can imagine) as well as fantastic Argentinian cake called Balcarce. To excerpt NYT coverage of the bakery a while back:

                                                                "Balcarce starts out as a simple yellow cake. Then it gets dressed up -- with peaches, caramel, walnuts, whipped cream and, most special of all, a layer of meringue. The result is a tower of taste sensations.

                                                                The cake, which should be ordered in advance, comes in an array of sizes, from a $15 balcarce that serves 10 to an $89 cake that serves 80. You can also usually buy it by the slice, for $2."

                                                                The cake is delicious and not overly sweet... if you've never had it, then MAKE THE TRIP!!!

                                                                Argentina Bakery Inc.
                                                                1611 Bergenline Avenue, Union City 07087
                                                                (201) 601-5801
                                                                Hours: Daily, 7 A.M. to 8 P.M.

                                                                1. A chowhound recommended Normandie Bakery Rt 35 Hazlet NJ on another post.

                                                                  I went there today and found the most AMAZING sweet cheese bun!
                                                                  Oh My this was GOOD!
                                                                  Worth the trip just for this!

                                                                  1. Discovered The Sugar House today (Formally Aunt Val's Location for years) 18 North Ave Garwood NJ 908-232-9003

                                                                    Look for the Yellow Polka Dots. This is an elegant establishment. They make lots of delicious bake goods and petite cookies - free samples too- YUMMY.

                                                                    The Rum Chocolate Balls rolled in Sugar are AMAZING!

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                                                                      The Sugar House in Garwood, NJ is by far the best bakery in the tri-state area. If there was a nobel peace prize for cupcakes, the Sugar House would get it. They are magic! All other products, the cookies, cakes, loaves and specialty items are superior to anything out there.
                                                                      The shop is elegant, yet welcoming. The packaging is a work of art, thoughtfully put together.
                                                                      Definitely worth a visit!!

                                                                      1. re: cakebreak

                                                                        There are 2 categories of Bakeries: One for Bread, and another for Pastries. Different "bests" for both categories.

                                                                        1. re: cakebreak

                                                                          I've driven past The Sugar House a zillion times - shame on me for not stopping in! Thanks for bringing this place to light - can't wait to try it.

                                                                      2. www.kristinesdessertworks.com is the best I've had. The walnut caramel tart is heaven. She uses the best ingredients in everything. She's in North Central Jersey in Randolph.

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                                                                        1. By far, one of the best around New Jersey, Central area, Edison's LaBonbonniere Bake Shoppe. It has everything you need. Their Rye bread is excellent, and they have an excellent Brown Derby. All their products are made with real ingriedients. I have tasted alot of bakery products and this one stands out the most! I believe they have stores in Woodbridge, and a new one opening in Somerset.

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                                                                            1. re: HillJ

                                                                              Flaky Tart in Atlantic Highlands

                                                                                1. re: HillJ

                                                                                  Hill J & Gold,

                                                                                  Depending on where you live you may want to try the Scone Pony in Spring Lake which is every bit a good as Flaky Tart ...

                                                                                    1. re: JerzeyShore

                                                                                      Yes. Thanks for the tip. I'm tired of traveling 1 hr to Hoboken to get to Carlos Bakery for an alternative to Flaky

                                                                              1. re: artgal4

                                                                                Labonbonniere did open in Somerset, gives free samples and i gotta tell you - Stay Away. Their rye bread is mediocre at best, their danish and everything else I've purchased is not good either.

                                                                              2. I just stumbled across Amici Bakery in Monroe. They make a very serviceable cannoli. Fresh ricotta filling and a crisp shell, as a cannoli should be but all too often at other bakeries in the area I get a not so crisp shell indicating it isn't all that fresh. The other pastries are pretty good too. Check them out.

                                                                                Amici Bakery Llc - Monroe Township, NJ 08831 - 732-521-0028 at 477 Spotswood Englishtown Rd Ste 8

                                                                                1. You really have to go north for an outstanding bakery. My favorite is Pinho's in Roselle.


                                                                                  1. Hackensack Pastry Shop Is outstanding in Hackensack nj
                                                                                    Probably the best italian pastries in the country all fresh and all amazing
                                                                                    Only problem is there closed for vacation till may 1st

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                                                                                    1. re: borntodine

                                                                                      After a beautiful walk in the Avon area, we trecked on over to the Scone Pony...maybe it was an off day but we were disappointed. DH's eclair filled with pastry cream and topped with strawberries disappointed as did the much hoped for Cocconut Cake...while the taste wasn't bad it clearly wasn't fresh and felt like it had been baked possiblly two days before. The girl at the counter had an attitude problem too. How hard is it to be plesant in a bakery...we came in happy, lol. The vanilla scone was good and the brownie was intense...dd loved the black and white cookie. Flaky Tart still holds the torch...I have never came away with anything that did not taste more than a few hours old and the counter help has always been friendly.

                                                                                      Flaky Tart
                                                                                      145 1st Ave, Atlantic Highlands, NJ

                                                                                    2. Butterflake Bakeshop coupon!!! $20 worth of goodies for $10!!!!


                                                                                      1. the original DiPaolo Bros. Bakery 399 bloomfiled avenue newark ,nj 973.485.6737 , great italian and french bakery. been around since 1961 they were just featured on channel 12 news "New Jersey'S best kept secrets" they make the finest desserts ,( delicious black and white cookies ,stuffed cupcakes, italian pastries, original black and white cake , sfoghitella, canolli, ( they even make sugar free desserts . brick oven bread, personal pizzas, stuffed breads, large sicilian pizzas, prosciuto biscuits, lard bread ,rice balls ..... check them out on facebook or at www.DPBakery.net