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Apr 12, 2002 12:44 PM

Hoboken pastry shops, Giorgio's, Carlo's, Riviera, etc.

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what's your favorite and why?

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  1. I don't eat a lot of sweets like that, but Carlo's appears to be "the" bakery in town.

    I have had a few things from Park Pastries (on Washington b/w 5th+6th) which i've enjoyed (more than the few things i've had from Carlo's)

    What in Hoboken do you like for dinner? I find there are LOTS of restaurants, but the good ones are far and few between!

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    1. re: thereuare

      i agree with you about the restaurants. the good ones are few and far between. amanda's is good. court st has decent brunch. both cuban places are my best bets, cheap and good. benny tudino's for decent pizza. no good chinese. haven't been to the italian restaurants. arthur's is good for steak and sandwiches, since it's cheap. but if i'm going OUT to eat, i got to manhattan.

      1. re: d

        The best Italian pastries in the world - including Italy - are 20 minutes from Hoboken at Rispoli's, on Broad Avenue in Ridgefield Park. If you can, with just a little effort, have the best, why in heaven's name would you settle for less?

        1. re: Colonel K

          Sounds like an ad from the owner of an Italian bakery in Ridgefield Park. Perhaps it is the best Italian, if that's what you like.

          Anyway, lets forget the Italian bakeries for a moment in deference to all my Italian friends, including my wife! So, who's got the dillio on the true best ethnic bakers in the world - Da Jewish Bakers.

          Hounds, waht say you to butter cookies filled with raspberry or apricot jelly and dipped in chocolate, rainbows, raspberry and apricot linzer tarts topped with slivered almonds, seven layer cakes, bannana and chocolate cream pies, coconut custard pie, Russian coffee cake loaded with nuts and raspberry jam, Chinese drop cookies, Charlotte Ruse, chocolate sundae cakes filled with white cream and dipped in chocolate, marble sponge cake, apricot or raisin Rugglah, Hummen Tashen, apple crumb cake, real Jewish rye, real kaiser rolls, salt horns, onion board, Pletzels, and on and on. Please there's nothing better .....Hold the Cannoli

          When I grew up in Bergen County there was one place and only one place to get all these treats - The Butterflake in Teaneck.

          1. re: Chuck

            I find the best baked goods to come from DePiero's farm in the Woodcliff Lake area. They have a pecan ring in which there is none better, and the other things i've had (cookies, brownies, streudel, etc) have all been excellent.

            If you're making the trip up there, be sure to go a little further north and get a pie or cake (apple crumb my favorite) from the retail area of Carousel Cakes... EVERYTHING from there is AMAZING! There retail outlet is little known, but there wholesale division delivers baked goods to many NYC restaurants.

            1. re: thereuare

              where is carousel cakes? off route 17? city? thanks!

              1. re: frances

                Carousel Cakes
                11 Seeger Dr
                Nanuet, NY 10954

                Don't be detered by the NY address, i believe it's only about 5-10 minues over the border once you cross the state line on the Garden State Parkway.

                Also, plan to get your cake at least 1 day before you want to serve it (not the morning of) as they sell their cakes frozen and it'll need a day to thaw. DON"T be discouraged by this fact, their cakes and pies are the best!! (and you'll never know they've been frozen)

                Let me know how you make out when you get something from there.

                1. re: thereuare

                  Here's directions to DiPiero's, i'll follow up later/tomorrow with the Carousel directions:

                  Directions to DiPiero's - garden state pkwy North to exit 172. bear right when u get onto the ramp. Make a right at the light. Stay in right hand turn lane and at 1st light,(u will see a DiPiero sign facing u).make a right. Go a few yards and make a left into the first driveway. Welcome to DiPiero's.

              2. re: thereuare

                To suggest that any cake, frozen and defrosted, is going to be "fanstastic" is pretty amazing in of itself. I believe Sara Lee has tried this concept for years and years - Not my idea of a real bakery product, but to each his own.

                Do yourself a favor and check the Bergen County phone book and see if the Butterflake in teaneck, NJ is still in business. If so, Go There for some truly fantastic freshly baked and served goods!

                1. re: Chuck


                  To imply that a Carousel Cake is similar to a Sara Lee cake because they have both been frozen, is to imply that a Jackson Hole hamburger (or any another favorite) is just like a McDonald's hamburger... don't you think quality of ingredients and mass/hand produced account for anything? I suppose there's no point in this entire board because "chicken parmasean" is "chicken parmasean" no matter where you get it... afterall, they're both just chicken, cheese, and sauce.

                  I would also bet money that you've alreday eaten a Carousel Cake/Pie at a NYC restaurant and not even known it! If you have any friends in the Nanuet area, ask them about it.

                  Also, Butterflake is still in business and i happened to eat a piece of a chocolate covered marble cake from there today! My finacee had a piece to, and i commented to her, "This used to be my favorite cake before the Pecan Ring (DePiero's) and the Apple Crumb (Carousel)." To which she replied, "I know, your mom told me already."

                  1. re: thereuare

                    Ok Ok - Just heard the Butterflake was ng - See post below.

                    Hey, I did say I was going by my recollections when it was the best bakery in Bergen County - I understand your point though and its a good one. Bring Sara into the conversation was not fair and I'm sorry. But, there is something to be said for fresh..Wouldn't you agree?

                    So, where is your favorite place again? I'd like to try it when I get to Da Garden State next month. Directions from Hackensack, if you are not too angry with me. P l e a s e........

                    1. re: Chuck


                      I'll get the directions w/n the next day or two and post it.

              3. re: Chuck

                When I grew up I also got all my cakes and such from Butterflake, but I don't anymore. Have you been there recently? Butterflake goods are just not good. I don't know who owns it now and while the ladies out front are the same as 20 years ago, the bakers and the recipes are NOT the ones from the good old days.

                1. re: hamlet

                  I have not been there since the early 80's - I know that sounds ridiculous, but I posted it as a memory of one of the best bakeries I've ever experienced.

                  I am returning to the area for the first time in ten years next month and your news is a real bummer. But, I'd rather get the skinny from a Hound then drive all the way there and find out its terrible. So thanks. Do you have a suggestion for a good bakery in Bergen County? Really not interested in Italian bakeries.

                  1. re: Chuck

                    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news! Then again, maybe your favorites will be the same.

                    Butterflake has been kosher for some time now. While they may have the same selections they always have, I'm guessing some adjustments had to be made in ingredients and/or recipes which changed the taste. And I'm sure the original bakers from 20 years ago not being there anymore have something to do with it too.

                    I really haven't bought any cakes for an occasion recently - basically just a crumb cake, apple pie, donuts, etc for home or to bring to a friends house. I get these from B&W in Hackensack and I think they do them well. I don't like their birthday cakes though - they taste overly sweet to me.

                    When Butterflake went downhill I started to get birthday or special occasion cakes from La Creme de La Creme which was located farther up Cedar Lane near Palisades. They were great. Then they moved to Dumont at the Madison Avenue circle and THEN they closed a few years back and I was/have been "without a bakery." Then I found a place near where I worked in Westchester which did good cakes which were pretty/funky/cute etc.... I can't remember the name of it, but it's off the northbound Saw Mill in Ardsley. by Starbucks.

                    The Patisserie St. Michel at the Plaza in Teaneck is good, but quite pricey. Haven't been there in quite a while though. Mostly I've had the Chocolate Mousse cake and pastries from there. He doesn't have a huge selection, probably doing most of his business by special order.

                    Right now I still get stuff at B&W, but I haven't located a place where I would be content with a birthday type cake.

                    Please let me know what you find out on your return trip to the area!

                  2. re: hamlet

                    So where do you get your cakes now?

            2. re: thereuare

              Giorgio's is MUCH better than any other Italian bakery in Hoboken.

              1. re: thereuare

                When in the area, we always buy several trays of Italian cookies from Carlo's and make a special trip in from the city to get them. Normally though, only one tray makes it home. There's also a pizza place on the corner of Washington and ?. Perfect "NY" pizza.

              2. Don't discount Giorgio's for cake. I opted for sheetcakes for my DIY wedding at the nearby historic elks lodge. They were lovely -and absolutely scrumptious. My guests raved. Value priced, personal service, I couldn't have been happier.