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Westchester restaurants

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I am soon to move from Manhattan to lower Westchester. I'm looking for leads on the best restaurants (define best any way you want, but I'm especially interested in leads on ethnic cuisine) in the 15 or so miles around Scarsdale.


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  1. First, look at the thread "Port Chester" on this board posted on 3/6/02. Lots of recommendations. Other good places include Imperial Wok for Chinese, including special Szechuan and Taiwanese menus at their North Broadway in N. White Plains location (very near Rte. 287). The "fish fillet with pickled cabbage soup" is a must, but order on a weeknight, as there is a different chef on the weekend and it's not as flavorful. Most people rank Bengal Tiger in White Plains highly -- we've eaten there many, many times -- the last two meals or so have come down just a bit from what was excellent quality all along. Don't know whether this is a trend. We've been thoroughly disappointed by the Japanese offerings all over Westchester. Abis in Mamaroneck is especially poor, with a "we don't give a damn" attitude. Good luck and welcome to the neighborhood.

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      South Broadway in Yonkers, as noted previously has two admirable ethnic restaurants; Tacos Poblanos II has some of the best authentic Mexican food I've had in the NY metro area, and Ya Hala the Arab restaurant across the street is authentic and quite good.

    2. While it's not in the ethnic category, Buffet de la Gare in Hastings-on-Hudson is a wonderful and charming French restaurant. They do a fantastic venison stew with red wine reduction, rustic cassoulet, and a very nice cheese plate. It's very tiny, so reservations are generally a good idea.

      I'm partial to Sazan in Ardsley for my sushi/sashimi fix. Always go for the special deluxe plates. Everything is wonderfully fresh.

      I'm in agreement with Bengal Tiger. And I wish I knew of a good Thai restaurant, or I'd be there now.

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        A great Thai/Indian restaurant is in Ridgewood NJ, called Kalish. It's great! I eat their often and they offer the best of both worlds, it's a great menu.

        If you don't mind traveling a bit it's worth it!

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          Don't you love when you ask for something in particular, such as WESTCHESTER restaurants... and someone comes back with some place in Jersey? If ya wanted Jersey ya wudda asked for Jersey.

          1. re: NoGo

            Hi NoGo,

            I think that Elizabeth knew that the poster was asking for Westchester recommendations. I think she's suggesting that the Indian place in Ridgewood NJ is worth a trip. Depending on where you live in Westchester, that's only a 25 minute drive.

            1. re: Val G

              It's a tricky line, wanting to inform people about what's good in an area *sort of* close to where the poster is asking. For instance, I could point her to several restaurants in the city, which are about as distant as Ridgewood, but my guess is that, as a new Westchester resident, that's what she wants the suggestions to be, to help her better explore the new area.

              I don't think that renders the Ridgewood suggestion as unwelcome, just maybe not as relevant as a Westchester reply.

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          Thai: Swaddee in Thornwood. Modest prices, good quality, generally quiet place. Very near Saw Mill exit.

        3. For Thai food, try Swaadee (spelling) in Thornwood. Have not been there in over a year, but it was good back then.

          1. La Camilia in Mt. Kisco has good Spanish food (not Mexican.. real Spanish). It makes for a nice change and it's a quiet, cosy place especially on a cold winter night. After many years of looking for good Thai in Westchester, I've pretty much given up. We are lacking good supermarkets and Northern Westchester could use a Trader Joe's. Now I'm off the soapbox.

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              It's not terrific, but from my experience the best Thai near Westchester is across the Tap in Nyack. Not the one on Main St. (King and I? King of Siam?), but rather the one on the side street off of Main St. Search the board for Nyack and you'll find it.

              1. re: Uncledave

                Thanks, Uncle. It sounds worth a try.

            2. Walter, you are in for a tough road ahead. Having done the Manhattan to Lower Westchester move last year myself, the hardest part is getting used to having to travel for food which is not as good or cheep as you are used to.

              However, Hunan Garden on Rt. 100 in Yonkers is really very good. Not quite your traditional Chinese takeout. The dishes are a little spruced up and not as sauce drenched as your average Chinese.

              Also Kang Soh is fabulous for Korean. Although people on chowhound have written non-Asians do not get the same service as the Asian clientele, this place is worth it for the great food. Just remember, the tiny appetizers at the beginning are free and you can have then refilled as much as you want.
              If you find any other great places, let us know!

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                Don't you mean "Hunan Village" on Rt. 100 (Central Park Avenue), which I would rate one of the top Chinese restaurants in Westchester along with "Aberdeen Seafood & Dim Sum" in White Plains.

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                  Haven't been to Hunan Village, but I concur that Kang Suh and Aberdeen are terrific and easily rival Manhattan standards (although at a somewhat higher price point).

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                  Kang Suh is amazing for Korean BBQ.

                3. Try Jacki's Bistro on WP Road near the Eastchester four corners. The family is from the Loire valley and so of course the house wine is Chinon. It feels like a French bistro. Mother and daughters wait on the customers while Papa's in the kitchen.

                  1. 15 miles from Scarsdale is anywhere in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, etc. Also Rockland county and north Jersey.

                    1. Here is a small list for Lower westchester county. The food scene is not great. It is worth the drive into the city and boroughs.

                      Upscale Chinese-
                      Very, very good-
                      Hunan Village
                      1228 Central Ave
                      Yonkers, NY
                      (1/4 mile north of Tuckahoe Rd and just north of Charlie Browns Restaurant. About 1-1/2 miles south of Scarsdale)

                      Sushi and cold food only,
                      The BEST in lower NY State outside the City
                      Azuma Sushi
                      219 East Hartsdale Ave
                      (Next to Hartsdale Train Station. About 1/2 mile north of Scarsdale)

                      Unusual Japanese with big cold sake selection
                      ? Gyosai?
                      (I forget the name)
                      On Garth Road in Scarsdale halfway between Seven / Eleven and Sakura Japanese restaurant (which is mediocre)

                      Indian- The White Plains ones are about the same quality with Elmsford rated slightly better.
                      230 Post Rd

                      Bengal Tiger
                      144 Post Rd
                      White Plains
                      (At Mamaroneck Ave. 2 miles north of Scarsdale)

                      Malabar Hill
                      145 East Main St / Rt 119
                      (Supposed to be the best in Westchester. Near Rt 287. About 3 miles from Scarsdale)

                      Latin Café
                      East Post Road
                      White Plains
                      (At Mamaroneck Ave)

                      Kang Suh
                      2375 Central Park Ave / Rt 100
                      914-771-4066, 4035
                      (about ¾ mile south of scarsdale, across from Kohl’s)

                      ? Kebab House ?
                      (I don’t know the name)
                      Mamaroneck Ave
                      White Plains
                      (between East Post and Pine. A few doors east of Lazy Boy Saloon- The Best beer bar in Westchester)

                      Excellent High Class American / European
                      An American Bistro
                      (Across from the Crestwood train Staion. About 1 mile south of Scarsdale)

                      White Plains is starting to get a build up of ethnic eateries. (2 Miles north of Scarsdale)

                      Portchester is hot right now for ethnic food. Some places do open and close soon so the scene changes a bit. (Portchester is about 7+ miles north and east of scasdale. It is on the westchester / CT border off of the Eastern end of Rt 287 / Cross Westchseter Expressway

                      Yonkers has a lot of new South American places opening up on South Broadway just north of the Bronx border. An iffy neighborhood at night but ok by day.(1-5 miles from Scarsdale)

                      Lower Westchester has a lot of places along Central Park Ave / Rt 100 starting in Yonkers and going north through Scarsdale, Greenberg, Harstdale, etc to White Plains. Most are mediocre but some are good.
                      Ya neva know.

                      1. I second the Latin American Cafe in White Plains recommendation for Cuban food. Also check out lower Mt. Vernon. Although not widely frequented by citizens of the rest of Westchester, it's worth exploring (or was when I lived there several years ago). I found pretty good Mexican and Caribbean food south of Fleetwood.

                        1. Rogue,

                          Great suggestions, but Dawat and Cappadocia (the Turkish restaurant on Mamaroneck) have both been closed for some time.

                          I'm not sure what took the place of Cappadocia, but Kisco Kosher Deli is now where Dawat used to be.

                          For some "gourmet" Mexican, Sunset Grill in White Plains is fantastic. Good burgers at Porter House. Excellent low-priced Indian takeout & streetfood is Ambadi, right across the street from Bengal Tiger in White Plains. And I third Latin American Cafe for Cuban. Their Cuban sandwhiches and pork burritos are amazing. The papaya batidos are good too.

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                          1. re: HungryForMore

                            Seconding Ambadi: I just went to Ambadi today and it was EXCELLENT. Casual counter service, not terribly expensive, cooked to order, and damn good samosas, dosas, rice pudding, and tiny sweet pastries! Yum.

                            1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                              I agree, it's definitely above average Indian, especially the samosas are some of the best I've tried. The combo meal is an excellent deal.

                          2. I have to say, I really disagree with the people who insist there is "no food scene" in Westchester. Depending on what your mood is, and what you consider "scene-y", there is a tremendous amount to choose from.
                            What about Lusardi's in Larchmont, Rosie's in Bronxville,Kira Sushi in Armonk and Kirari in Scarsdale ( sister restaurant), Ruby's in Rye, Eastchester Fish Gourmet, American Bistro in Tuckahoe, Coco Rhumba in Mt. Kisco,...the list goes on and on...

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                              Have been to Lusardi's and Eastchester Fish Gourmet numerous times and have always found their food to be consistently good. Lusardi's menu doesn't change but they always have a few specials and Eastchester Fish seems to change based on what's in season - although they do a good job at keeping my favorites on the menu. I love the salad selection at Lusardi's and the Veal Martini and Eastchester Fish has delicious mussels and I love to try different varieties of fish because I know it's always fresh-especially love the Skate.

                            2. Keep in mind this thread was started about 4 years ago!

                              Please tell us about Rosie's in Bronxville--1st I'm hearing about it!

                              1. I have heard very good things about Rosie's in Bronxville from numerous friends who have gone recently. We keep forgetting to call for a reseravtion, and last minute on a Saturday night seems to be a tough one. However, I'm told that it's really good, homey Italian w/out being a chessy red sauce joint. According to my friends everything was delicious and it was worth skipping our regular haunt to try this place out.
                                Let me know if you try it.

                                1. My sister lives in White Plains and we've been to Bengal Tiger several times and think it's pretty good. A week or two ago I had the burger at Porter House and can report that was pretty tasty too and they had a great selection of beer. We also ate a while back at a fun place in Hartsdale on Central Avenue with furniture for sale inside. The menu was pretty interesting and we enjoyed our Thai mussels. I wish I could remember the name - something like World Market or such. We read about it in the New York Times. We've driven a few times to Greenwich and had some interesting meals at Bang, Blue and Barcelona. It's not a complete wasteland for a gourmet, there are some good spots. In fact, compared to where I live I'm jealous!

                                  1. Isabella, that place is called Global Gatherings and it is at 156 So. Central Ave. in Hartsdale.

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                                    1. re: Dim Sum Diva

                                      I love Global Gatherings, and go back often for their Lobster Dumplings.

                                    2. Also made the move to Westchester (Mamaroneck) from Manhattan and agree it's pricier and less diverse up here but once you find your way around you will find some excellent food. To consider: Mexican - Tortilleria Los Gemelos in Port Chester on Westchester Ave. No atmosphere and not the most comfortable but it is mostly the real deal. Afterwards, go to Paleteria Fernandez for ice cream. BBQ - Q, also on Main St and I've not tried it yet but have been told that the Central American is best at El Tesoro II (not I but II) on Main Street also. As previous poster mentioned, check out the Port Chester thread for more info and don't forget Kneaded Dough for amazing breads.

                                      The more upscale Mexican option mentioned, Sunset Grille on Gedney Way in White Plains is very good. French, Le Provencal on Mamaroneck Ave. in Mamaroneck. Turkish - Turkish Meze also in Mamaroneck. Indian - Bengal Tiger. Italian - there are a lot but Lusardis (mentioned) in Larchmont and Trattoria Vivolo in Harrison. Mt. Kisco Kosher is about the only decent Jewish deli in Southern Westchester but it's still no Second Ave. deli but then again, now there is no Second Avenue deli. Greek Niko's in White Plains on Central Ave. is pretty good but there aren't many other options. New American/Eclectic - MacMenamin's Grill New Rochelle - excellent and Cafe Meze in Hartsdale. Oh, and I'm not a big sushi fan but Japanese friends have said that Hajime in Harrison is the best one.
                                      Good luck!

                                      1. For great Sushi in westchester you have try Sushi Mike's in Dobbs Ferry. It has the best rolls in westchester. We used to go to Sazon in Ardsley but Sushi Mike's is the best. Rosie's in bronxville is amazing - always great food, service and specials. They have creative dishes as well as great standards. I have had great Thai in Thornwood (Swaade) and in Ardsley (Thai House). Swaddee has a great lunch buffet option as well.

                                        1. Plates restaurant in Larchmont is one of the best restaurants in Westchester. Awesome chef. Hip intimate decor. Sometimes we eat at the bar if no tables avail. great wine list. platesonthepark.com

                                          1. A new entry worthy of investigation is Bollywood Bistro, on Wheeler Avenue in Pleasantville. Just opened last month, and by their own admission, working out some "kinks," but based on my one visit thus far, the food was definitely up there with the best Indian I've had in a NY area restaurant.

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                                              Interesting. Please tell us what you had. I stopped by and picked up a menu which made me think the restaurant was a Denny's type chain (although I know it's not). The menu looked and the food sounded very Americanized.

                                              I am a big fan of Indian, all types. I would really like to have a good local Indian restaurant, and a bonus that it's so close to Jacob Burns.

                                              1. re: SLO

                                                I thought the calamari appetizer was pretty unusual, with some interesting spices. A friend of ours and I both ordered fish curry, which had both finesse and appropriate kick -- a welcome departure from the blandness that can sometimes afflict this dish. We also had a bhuna gosht that had considerable finesse. Both the garlic and onion nan were good. I know what you mean about the menu, because the next day, while waiting for the movie to start at Jacob Burns, I dashed out snd around the corner to pick one up. Luckily, I had eaten there beforehand: We're definitely ready to go back. Hope that helps.

                                            2. Was I on the right street or is Blue in White Plains gone already? Atmosphere was abysmal, but if I recall the food was good and so were the drinks.

                                              That was quick!

                                              Or, was I on the wrong street???

                                              1. Couple of votes:

                                                Hamburger: Gordo's, Hawthorne/Thornwood, just before rt 141 turnoff. Also has big Mexican menu and wide choices in general.

                                                Indian: went to Bollywood, Pleasantville, opening night. Noisy, a few serving glitches, excellent food.

                                                Greek: Lefteris, corner of Rt. 9 and ?? in Tarrytown. Small, crowded, best Greek food we've had since AThens. Moderate/.low prices. Get there early. In warm weather, outdoor tables available.

                                                Japanese: Best we've had is in Paris; sorry. (Never been to Japan.) Abis in Thornwood blecch.

                                                French: Terrible recent reviewe of Jackie's in Eastchester; havrn't been there recently. Is it as bad as the Times said? Hard to believe.

                                                Take-home Italian deli stuff: Pat's Deli, Valghalla, has superior eggplant parmigiana; we bought a half-tray for 7 people. It comes requiring maybe another hour of oven cooking, so you can have it NOT cooked to death.

                                                Larry Baker

                                                1. Tango in White Plains is one of my favorites.

                                                  1. The single WORST greek restaurant my wife and I have dined at (and living in Tarrytown, we gave it three tries hoping it was a merely an aberation), is the oft "vaunted" Lefteris. A much better, indeed, very good option, is Niko's on Central Ave. in WP.

                                                    By the way, we concur on the Sunset Grille ... far more complex and interesting preparations of Mexican food than either of us can recall anywhere else ... and for not too many more $$$ than typical Mex.

                                                    Also, for more interesting preparations than "broiled" or "steamed" seafood, try the Fish Cellar in Mount Kisco.

                                                    And for overrated, no list would be complete without Stone Barns at Blue Hill ... miniscule, boring, preparations for multiple $$$$$. Try Equus instead. Same $$$$$, but georgeous presentations and sterling preparations.

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                                                    1. re: 2foodies

                                                      Lefteris was good several years ago, particularly when the woman was managing it. She left and opened Niko's with her husband and son, and the food at Lefteris has gone way downhill. The owner of Lefteris opened another location in Mount Kisco? I wonder if the chef went there? It certainly is not the same as it used to be.

                                                      1. re: debmom

                                                        I don't like the food at the one in Mt. Kisco.
                                                        On the other hand, although I live in Westchester I have been spoiled by the food at Ayhan's Shish Kebab (specifically the Port Washington location) on Long Island.

                                                    2. Indian Food in Lower Westchester - try Patang on Central Ave in the strip mall across from Nathan's. excellent food, very nice owners.
                                                      Coromandel in New Rochelle also good.

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                                                      1. re: lorenlpw1

                                                        It's been months since I read about the opening of 80 West, a seafood restaurant, in the former Woodlands location at Red Oak Lane, White Plains.

                                                        Given the dearth of good seafood restaurants in this county, has anyone been to 80 West?

                                                        I'm thinking of giving it a try.

                                                        1. re: dolores

                                                          This is the second time I've opened this old thread, but I owed someone a report on Sunset Grille in White Plains and can't remember who or where.

                                                          In a nutshell -- I was disappointed.

                                                          I was told, when I made the reservations weeks ago, that the Tasting Menu was available.

                                                          It wasn't. It ended last week, I was told. Oh.

                                                          Neither the chef nor the bartender/now manager were there, so the feeling of the place was -- off. Something I've noticed, most specificially at Pinocchio's in Eastchester, about restaurants whose strong points are in their staff and their food. When the noteworthy staff members are not there, the food is just, well, food.

                                                          Which doesn't say much about the restaurant, I guess.

                                                          At any rate, I'm not sure I'd go back. As someone, somewhere here, noted. Sorry to whomever that was!

                                                          1. re: dolores

                                                            I believe the Sunset Grille report was for me Dolores although I can't recall from which thread. Sad to hear but despite a post to the contrary confirms the Sunset Grille's slippage as reported by several others.

                                                            1. re: laylag

                                                              laylag, I was contacted personally. So I have to rethink my position. More to follow.

                                                      2. For Great Italian food Fontanella on Wolf's lane in Pelham.$$$$ and worth it.

                                                        1. Has anyone tried Sammy's downtown, the brother restaurant to Rosie's Bistro in Bronxville? Heard some nice things about it, and have enjoyed every mean we've had at Rosie's. As far as Indian goes, we tried Spice Village in Tuckahoe last night and really enjoyed it...