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Mar 22, 2002 04:13 PM

Westchester restaurants

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I am soon to move from Manhattan to lower Westchester. I'm looking for leads on the best restaurants (define best any way you want, but I'm especially interested in leads on ethnic cuisine) in the 15 or so miles around Scarsdale.


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  1. First, look at the thread "Port Chester" on this board posted on 3/6/02. Lots of recommendations. Other good places include Imperial Wok for Chinese, including special Szechuan and Taiwanese menus at their North Broadway in N. White Plains location (very near Rte. 287). The "fish fillet with pickled cabbage soup" is a must, but order on a weeknight, as there is a different chef on the weekend and it's not as flavorful. Most people rank Bengal Tiger in White Plains highly -- we've eaten there many, many times -- the last two meals or so have come down just a bit from what was excellent quality all along. Don't know whether this is a trend. We've been thoroughly disappointed by the Japanese offerings all over Westchester. Abis in Mamaroneck is especially poor, with a "we don't give a damn" attitude. Good luck and welcome to the neighborhood.

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      South Broadway in Yonkers, as noted previously has two admirable ethnic restaurants; Tacos Poblanos II has some of the best authentic Mexican food I've had in the NY metro area, and Ya Hala the Arab restaurant across the street is authentic and quite good.

    2. While it's not in the ethnic category, Buffet de la Gare in Hastings-on-Hudson is a wonderful and charming French restaurant. They do a fantastic venison stew with red wine reduction, rustic cassoulet, and a very nice cheese plate. It's very tiny, so reservations are generally a good idea.

      I'm partial to Sazan in Ardsley for my sushi/sashimi fix. Always go for the special deluxe plates. Everything is wonderfully fresh.

      I'm in agreement with Bengal Tiger. And I wish I knew of a good Thai restaurant, or I'd be there now.

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        A great Thai/Indian restaurant is in Ridgewood NJ, called Kalish. It's great! I eat their often and they offer the best of both worlds, it's a great menu.

        If you don't mind traveling a bit it's worth it!

        1. re: elizabeth

          Don't you love when you ask for something in particular, such as WESTCHESTER restaurants... and someone comes back with some place in Jersey? If ya wanted Jersey ya wudda asked for Jersey.

          1. re: NoGo

            Hi NoGo,

            I think that Elizabeth knew that the poster was asking for Westchester recommendations. I think she's suggesting that the Indian place in Ridgewood NJ is worth a trip. Depending on where you live in Westchester, that's only a 25 minute drive.

            1. re: Val G

              It's a tricky line, wanting to inform people about what's good in an area *sort of* close to where the poster is asking. For instance, I could point her to several restaurants in the city, which are about as distant as Ridgewood, but my guess is that, as a new Westchester resident, that's what she wants the suggestions to be, to help her better explore the new area.

              I don't think that renders the Ridgewood suggestion as unwelcome, just maybe not as relevant as a Westchester reply.

        2. re: eclair

          Thai: Swaddee in Thornwood. Modest prices, good quality, generally quiet place. Very near Saw Mill exit.

        3. For Thai food, try Swaadee (spelling) in Thornwood. Have not been there in over a year, but it was good back then.

          1. La Camilia in Mt. Kisco has good Spanish food (not Mexican.. real Spanish). It makes for a nice change and it's a quiet, cosy place especially on a cold winter night. After many years of looking for good Thai in Westchester, I've pretty much given up. We are lacking good supermarkets and Northern Westchester could use a Trader Joe's. Now I'm off the soapbox.

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            1. re: zuriga

              It's not terrific, but from my experience the best Thai near Westchester is across the Tap in Nyack. Not the one on Main St. (King and I? King of Siam?), but rather the one on the side street off of Main St. Search the board for Nyack and you'll find it.

              1. re: Uncledave

                Thanks, Uncle. It sounds worth a try.

            2. Walter, you are in for a tough road ahead. Having done the Manhattan to Lower Westchester move last year myself, the hardest part is getting used to having to travel for food which is not as good or cheep as you are used to.

              However, Hunan Garden on Rt. 100 in Yonkers is really very good. Not quite your traditional Chinese takeout. The dishes are a little spruced up and not as sauce drenched as your average Chinese.

              Also Kang Soh is fabulous for Korean. Although people on chowhound have written non-Asians do not get the same service as the Asian clientele, this place is worth it for the great food. Just remember, the tiny appetizers at the beginning are free and you can have then refilled as much as you want.
              If you find any other great places, let us know!

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              1. re: sushisasha

                Don't you mean "Hunan Village" on Rt. 100 (Central Park Avenue), which I would rate one of the top Chinese restaurants in Westchester along with "Aberdeen Seafood & Dim Sum" in White Plains.

                1. re: Ron Aaronson

                  Haven't been to Hunan Village, but I concur that Kang Suh and Aberdeen are terrific and easily rival Manhattan standards (although at a somewhat higher price point).

                2. re: sushisasha

                  Kang Suh is amazing for Korean BBQ.