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Mar 8, 2002 07:35 PM

Best Bergen County Chinese?

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Hello Bergen County Hounds - Been gone from the Garden State for almost 20 years - coming back for a visit (Hackensack) and wanted to know where the best Chinese restaurants are now.

When I lived there (25 years), Hing's China Inn in Englewood Cliffs and The China Quarter in Tenafly were the absolute best! And, to this day, I still have not found any better anywhere.

Can't wait to hit Rutt's Hutt and The Carnegie Deli, too!!! Thanks for any help on the Chinese

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  1. Baumgart's in Ft.Lee has wonderful Chinese food, it is a fun place, also great for take out.

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    1. re: Renèe

      Are you sure you don't mean Englewood? If so, I know about it and heard it was very good. In the 1950's, I went to school around the corner and Baumgarts was an ice cream parlor!

      1. re: Chuck

        Baumgart's still does serve ice cream (and chinese food)... an eccentric mix! However, i feel that the restaurant has lost it's edge over the years and is now just mediocre and overpriced. There is now a location in Ridgewood as well (and yes, they too serve ice cream).

        China 46 is good and has been getting rave reviews (stick to the non-Americanized dishes).

        Along a different line, there is very good Thai food at Wondee's in Hackensack.

        1. re: thereuare
          Evan B. Druce

          Living in the nearby suburb of Upper Saddle River, I have frequented Baumgart's in Ridgewood since it opened. My family and I are weekly visitors, and have been treated to a wide variety of excellent dishes drawing on the influences of all over Southeast Asia as regulars to the restaurant. Go on a weeknight, tell the waiter what sorts of dishes you want, and go to town. When I was a high school student at Dwight-Englewood (class of 2002), the Englewood location was both late-night hangout and after-school pitstop. However, Ridgewood is much better than Englewood these days; Englewood's portions get smaller as its prices climb.

        2. re: Chuck

          Yes, it could be Englewood, sounds like the same place. There is a soda fountain in the front portion of the restaurant. Very yummy.

        3. re: Renèe

          Not real chinese food. no chinese customers tell the story ...

          1. re: SamBox

            "Baumgart's = White Man Chinese Food" ??

            Haven't been to Baumgart's. The observation that it is not real Chinese style is useful. However, the food may still be delicious in its inauthentic way.

            1. re: Val G

              Well, there is a group of us Boomers who still love Cantonese best. We grew up on Sunday night "Chinks" (no disrespect intended. We're talking at least 1500 to 2000 Chinese meals here over a span of more than 50 years.

              I'm sure Baumgart's is just that - good Cantonese, which is not very exciting to those looking for a truly authentic chinese dishes like soups combined with chicken feet, gizzards, baby bok choy, mustard greens, etc.

              Englewood Cliffs and Tenafly had two of the finest Cantonese restaurants in Northern New Jersey for 30 years. As good as anything in NYC including Shun Lee Dynasty when it was in its hey day - Hing's China Inn in Englewood Cliffs and The China Quarter in Tenafly.

              These two places had great homemade egg rolls with tons of red roast pork and shrimp in them, dim sim with hoisin sauce, wonderful fried rices, sweet hoisin basted red colored BBQ ribs, lobster or shrimp with lobster sauce (the dark variety - with the black beans), sweet and sour dishes made with candied cucumber strands, pineapple, red peppers and big cherries, roast pork ends with grilled onions, shrimp toast, etc. Fantastic!! But, sadly you can't GO THERE anymore...Man, do I miss those places...

              1. re: Chuck

                Chuck -

                you warm my heart.

                My parents owned Hing's China Inn.

                I did a google search on Hing's China Inn, and it actually showed up here.

                1. re: lhing

                  To lhing:

                  Like some of the folks on this site, I too grew up going to your parents' restaurant. My mom, dad and I were regulars for many, many years and knew both your parents well. For a while now, I have been hoping to find photos of Hing's online (I did find a newspaper advertisement), but of course there only seem to be these informal message boards . . . .

                  I would love to ask you some questions about the restaurant's history and find out more about where everyone went who worked there (this would be during the 1970s/1980s). Let me know if you'd be interested in replying "off the boards," so to speak. Thanks!


          2. re: Renèe

            There's a Baumgart's in Edgewater, at City Place on River Road. The Chinese dishes were boring, unadventurous, overpriced and disappointing. Probably would marginally suffice if you were deep in the suburbs and there was no real Chinese to be had anywhere near by and you were dying for something close to Chinese.

            I wonder if the other one is any better.

          3. China 46 in Ridgefield Park is the best place that everyone keeps going to. I have not been there but I hear its great. I know that the Record just did a review on it last week. Maybe its available online.

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            1. re: bob zaita

              Is China 46 in the building where Phoenix Garden II used to be? Any dishes you would recommend?

              1. re: Hugh DeMann

                Yes it is the same place.

                Here's a website which discussed this restaurant in DETAIL (they are big fans of it, as you will see if you read beyond the first 5-6 posts):


            2. Baumgart's is on, I think, Palisades Ave. in Englewood and on Franklin Ave. in Ridgewood, both good but my take is more fusion Asian than strictly Chinese. Chengdu in Clifton (?) and China 46 both come highly recommended.

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              1. re: M-L.

                China 46 is very interest place to go for unusualy food experience. It seems like more busy since had 2 review in about three months. New York times rated them " Very Good," and last Friday NJ Record gave a review as * * * 1/2. Huge menu has over 200 choice and lot restaurant do not carry that much.

              2. Baumgart's is OK if you have a couple of kids who needed to be pacified with ice cream...but if you want good Chinese food, by all means go to Lotus Cafe in Hackensack (opposite the Brazilian B-B-Q place). Their signature dish is Lotus Delight, and it is not to be missed.

                1. I also vote for Lotus Cafe or China 46. What's better about China 46 is the place usually is empty so there's no wait for tables. The location and the looks of the place can scare people away. Lotus Cafe is conveniently located and fills up.

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                  1. re: hamlet

                    Anybody out there ever been to the Chinese restaurant near the Shop Rite on Essex Street in Rochelle Park? Just wanted a comparison to Lotus Cafe, if at all possible.

                    Have to get a take out order for 12 people in May when we come up to NJ. We're staying on Prospect Ave in Hackensack so either would be close enough to get to. Thanks, if you can help.

                    1. re: Chuck

                      I think you mean the Chinese Rest. On Passiac Ave. in Roc. Park. It is O.K. eat there for lunch a few times. Lotus Cafe is much better and they will deliver to Prospect Ave in Hackensack.

                      1. re: David

                        Yup - its the place on Passaic Street in Rochelle Park in the Shop Rite shopping center. Thanks for the comparison - It's Lotus Cafe then for the big take-out order. Thanks again Hound.... It will be a surprise to all as I doubt they even know about the place - You know how lazy those apartment dwellers can get after a long day in Manhattan. They just go on Passaic Street.

                        Hey, perhaps I'll be a gourmet hero for at least one night! Thanks to