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Feb 27, 2002 11:20 AM

Jambalaya in Nassau/Queens??

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I am looking for really good, authentic tasting Jambalaya in the Nassau-Queens area. Not Cooking With Jazz, thanks. They think too much of themselves. Any suggestions?

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  1. Never had the Jambalaya, but Mardi Gras on Austin Street in Forest Hills always had good cajun/creole food.

    1. I've never been, but a co-worker says 'Nawlins Grill on the corner of Willis Ave. & Old Country Rd. is good. It looks like a happenin' place whenever I drive by.

      1. Haven't been for a few years but The Bayou in Bellmore is the best!! Their sweet potatoe fries are to die for. Always very busy and hopping. They used to have Jambalaya. Gumbo was great. Call ahead for a menu check.

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          I have to second on Bayou. It is one of my favorite restaurants in Nassau Co. They make excellent Jambalaya but some of their hot sauces on steaks are incredible. I still remember sweating to the "Steak from Hell." ALways order off the special board. They make the best hurricanes I have found in the NY area and after two of their hurricanes, everything will taste great.

        2. been to both Mardi Gras and The Bayou. Can,t go wrong with either one but The Bayou is the best!

          1. Is Big Daddy's still open in AMityville? Worth a trip.

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