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Feb 1, 2002 01:24 PM

McMenamin's Grill in New Rochelle?

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Has anyone been to McMenamin's Grill and Chefworks, in the old Plastics building on 95?

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  1. Not yet, but I did hear about it,can you eat there and buy there?

    1. Is this the same McMenamin's from the Portland, Ore.
      area. I've been to several out there - each is
      different - and enjoyed them for casual grub and
      interesting brews.

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      1. re: lee
        Josh Mittleman

        That was the question that leaped into my mind, too. Tell us more!

        1. re: Food Taste

          This thread is from 2002.

          If you haven't been lately, how do you know they haven't improved.

          1. re: dolores

            the place is done. do you guys read the papers??

            1. re: sparkyspecial

              Closed???????? Them too!???? Wow.

              Hah.......they're dropping like flies in the new, improved New Roc New Ra or whatever they're now calling the formerly venerable New Rochelle.

              Too bad. Tsk, tsk.

              1. re: dolores

                Sparky, MacMenamin's restaurant is open. There are issues with the cooking school. Not sure exactly what you read or where this is the Journal news article. Chapter 11 is reorg, not shut down.


      2. I was there for lunch the other day for the first time. The idea of this place had never appealed to me, but my friend likes it and wanted to go. I thought it was dreadful. They have a $19 three-course lunch special, but we opted to share a few appetizers instead. While prices are high (appetizers generally $16-18 and entrees in the 30's, for lunch), the menu states that all plates are designed to feed 2 people. We started out with a chopped salad, which was unexciting, but in retrospect it was the best thing on the table. We then had some kind of baked seafood dish ($18) that consisted of 4 stuffed mussels, 4 stuffed clams and a couple of tiny crab cakes, all covered in a rich yet tasteless sauce. A $16 appetizer of dumplings and spring rolls contained 4 tired dumplings and 4 miniature spring rolls. These were no better than the frozen supermarket variety-- in fact, it wouldn't surprise me if they were the frozen supermarket ones. Both dishes oozed grease and had clearly been sitting for some time under a warmer. Waitstaff alternated between the overly attentive (i.e., three people approaching the table within 5 minutes trying to clear dishes that we hadn't yet finished) to non-existent (our waiter totally disappeared by the end of the meal as we tried in vain to get our check). Except for one large party, the huge space was almost empty. Bad food, bad value, bad service. I'm surprised they have remained in business this long.

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        1. re: Shawn

          MG 'used' to be very good. They ran into trouble a few years back with owner or chef trouble, I can't remember which. It seems they've never recovered.

          The cheapskate brunch was their swansong for me. I've never been back and it seems I never will. I wonder what's keeping them open?

          What I find curious is that tptb, in light of the new chi-chi clientele in NR, didn't have a sit-down and decide to clean up their act.

        2. Interesting. They used to be one of my favorite restaurants. I had a particular love for a pork loin dish they used to serve. I can remember having dinner one night and the chef came up to our table after dinner and I told him it was the tenderest piece of pork I had ever eaten. He joked about how he was so tender himself due to all of the pork.

          I have noticed that they ahve been changing up their menu a lot. Every time I go to the site to see what's on the menu, it seems they change the focus of the place.

          The last time I ate there was two years ago. It was the first time I had been there on a Saturday night. The food was still good, but the service was awful. They just couldn't handle the crowds.

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          1. re: Avalondaughter

            Sounds like they need a visit from Gordon Ramsey.

          2. A good source told me that most of the bussniess has been "sold" or something of that matter to Jimmy Rodriguez, yes the "guy from jimmys" and the old "owner/frontman" of Sofrito. I guess he got some money from them and brought it over to MacMenamins. Give it a month by the middle of Jan. the name will change, food will be the diffrent, call it Sofrito 2. Go there after you read this and see for yourself and lemme know what you think.

            Here is some NOT SO GOOD reviews about Sofrito and jimmy for that matter!. Here's one from "Time-Out NY"

            "Brenda Gregory Tue, Nov 25, at 07:46am

            Is this the same Jimmy from Jimmys bronx Cafe? He is so full of it. He tried to use one of his friends, to pick me and my girlfriends up. They are both disgusting looking. They sent over sangrias and talked about his mansion and boat and all the stuff we could have. Some girls would love this but Lucas and Jimmy are just so into themselves. Im so glad they are out of Sofrito. Its a much better place without those two idiots shouting at each other as if they were boyfrind and girlfriend."

            Read More

            Nuff Said.....

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            1. re: GregCall

              Well, that's the end of MacMenamin's Grill. Too bad, it had a good run.