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Jul 27, 2003 05:41 PM

Where Can I Find Philly-style Italian Water Ice in the Bay Area?

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Anybody who's been to Philly will understand that this product is cut above any of the products typically marketed as "Italian Ices." Can someone help me with a place to fulfill my craving here in the Bay Area?

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  1. Yo! Fuhgetabawtitt!

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    1. re: DavidT

      I couldn't have put better...Italian ice was a favorite treat in my childhood summers in New was also available in NY...didn't know about Philly, but why not...anyway, you're right...there's no where else to get it.

    2. Is that the really rock-hard stuff? Safeway used to sell Mama Tish's Italian ice, but no more. It's really too bad, 'cause I loved that stuff. I've never found anything close in the Bay Area; most is soft like sorbet.