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Jan 8, 2002 02:48 PM

Excellent Find: A breakfast & lunch spot in Port Chester

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Go to "Crossroads Cafe & Takeaway". Yes, in Port Chester.

I've been there twice now for breakfast and both times have been wonderful. IMO, among the best casual breakfasts around these parts, hands down - and for the price of a diner. It's run by two ladies who have the place simply and tastefully decorated and know how to serve a fresh and delicious breakfast. Big windows, lots of sun, too.

It's at 141 Willett Avenue: 914-934-5065. Open 7am-3pm every day but Sunday (boooooooo!). Kinda hard to find. It's on the corner of an intersection at the roundabout near the NY-bound side of the railroad station, across from the Mobil. It's between a laundromat and a guy that sells headstones.

OK, let's talk eggs: Omeletes are cooked properly in sautee pans, not on a griddle (which I despise). This morning I had what's listed as huevos rancheros which isn't the authentic recipe at all but rather an omelete w/ avocado, black bean and cheese - served with a ramekin of delicious roasted chipolte salsa with those yummy flecks of char. Home fries were done to my liking - 1/2 inch dice, cooked and seasoned thoroughly, but not too oniony or vegetably (can't stand loads of green pepper in there). On my previous visit I had an omelete with goat cheese, tomatoes and scallion - excellent.

Wifey had two eggs over easy but didn't want pork so they grilled up some turkey breast. And it came with -- GRITS!! Delicious grits. I'm not a grits expert, but these seemed the real deal. All I know is you can't get 'em near where I live.

The check was $13.

Some specials on the menu this morning for breakfast (I took home a copy of the menu to transcribe for you all):

Monte Cristo French Toast w/ Grilled Ham, Melted Swiss and Maple Cream ($6.00)

Sweet Potato Hash & Two Poached Eggs w/ Toasted Terranovo bread ($6.00)

Smoked Salmon & Caper Omelette ($8.00)

Breakfast wrap with potato, egg, tomato & sour cream in a spinach tortilla w/ house made salsa ($5.50)

House made granola with toasted oats, sunflower seeds, coconut, dried cranberries, almonds and honey ($4.00)

Haven't been there for lunch yet, but read the lunch menu. Salads & sandwiches plus some entrees like pastas, etc. Like breakfast, looks reasonably priced with the freshness and extra touches that make it well worth it. I'm going back for the penne puttanesca - with a salad on $7.00.

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  1. Thanks for the tip!

    1. Correction: it's open from 7:00 - 4:00 M-F; 7:00 - 3:00 on Saturday.

      1. Hi Uncledave, I'll be in that neck of the woods toward the beginning of next month, I hope. Plan to visit friends in Port Chester and I take the train there from Pelham! I'll plan to go in time for breakfast and scurry over to the NY inbound side of the tracks. I'll tell my friends to pick me up at Crossroads Cafe & Takeaway.

        I'm dying to really explore the foods in Port Chester. I know a bit about the Italian food scene, but there's so much more. What little I've seen of the main drag looks very promising. pat

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        1. re: Pat Hammond

          Pat, Enjoy! Let me know what you think.

          Yes, Port Chester has some terrific places. I live in Greenwich right on the PC border and am lucky to have such good places nearby. You're right, there's some good Italian in PC, as there is throughtout the counties here.

          The jewels in PC are the wide range of Latin American, most notably Mexican and Peruvian. In addition, the town also has restaurants and grocery shops representing Brazil, Ecuador, Columbia, Guatemala and the West Indies.

          I'll post about more PC places soon - but there's plenty I still need to try.

          I've got plans to try this tiny Peruvian Seafood joint tucked away on a sidestreet soon. (Not Machu Pichu - I've been there before, it's OK). This place packs in the locals and gives off good vibes. If it's a winner, I'll divulge. ;)

        2. Yes! I agree at true chowhound find. Nice work. Just had lunch there. Good ambience and pleasant service.
          I go bye there all the time and never thought to try.
          Had for lunch corn chowder. Preparation was authentic and taste was excellent. Also had crab and shrimp salad on rustic Italian bread. very good. The menu as some very interesting selections from salads, sandwiches, soups, burgers (looked good) and pasta. I highly recommend the place. someone knows what their doing in the kitchen! Very special. Thank you for finding.

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          1. re: John i

            Like you, I drove by there - I did so every day dropping my wife off at the station. Never thought to go in. It doesn't have the curb appeal I suppose. Thanks for the lunch tip.

            1. re: John i

              Great Portabello mushroom sandwich and delicious soups!! Heard they have the best breakfast and will be trying that tomorrow. Also drove past it many times and was very pleasantly surprised. But this was supposed to be kept a secret.

            2. Have been there for lunch, and it is as good as breakfast...excellent cobb salad, great shoestring fries, chicken sandwich on excellent port. roll, chicken with blue cheese, rst. peppers, great, cannot wait to go back.