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Dec 28, 2001 11:41 AM

Ted's Fish Fry -- Albany area very good fast food

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At the suggestion of a New England board poster we tried Ted's Fish Fry and were very pleased indeed. We went to the Latham, NY location, one of four in the Albany area (two in North Troy and one other in Watervliet).

Jill and I both had the "Fish Fry", an almost foot-long, two-inch-thick, piece of haddock (I think), lightly breaded and fried to flakey and greaseless perfection. The fish is served in a hotdog bun and topped with a piquant but mildly spiced "chili sauce," all for $3.25. Jonas, our not-very-chowish (yet!) seven-year-old, had a hamburger which was most notable for having been cooked to order, as is everything here.

We also tried the cole slaw and the onion rings. The slaw was a finely chopped collection of cabbage and carrots, with hints of green bell pepper and lots of fresh parsley. It was all lightly dressed in mayonnaise and vinegar, and fresh enough that the colors were still vibrant and the texture crunchy. The rings were almost greaseless, very tasty, and a small order was enough for the three of us.

We plan to stop at Ted's almost every time we pass this way. Almost because we also want to check out the Latham Biryani restaurant next door.

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  1. I'm from Latham NY and one of the things I miss the most from my home town is Ted's Fish Fry's. Of course when I was a kid the closest one was in Watervliet. I make it home every couple of years and the first place I eat is Ted's Fish Fry's.

    I now live in Texas and their idea of a "fish fry" here is fried catfish! YUK!!! If they ever had a "Real Fish Fry" on a bun with red sauce, they'd never eat that "other fish" again. I always tell my husband my dream is to open a Real Fish Fry place and let Texan's taste a what a "Real Fish Fry" should taste like. In fact I brought one of my husbands neices home with me in 1999, her graduation gift from A&M, and she loved it. She asked "why don't we have anything like this"

    I was in the Air Force for 20 years and lived all over the country and overseas and never found anything like Ted's. I'm getting hungry, must be time for a trip to New York!!!!

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      Well, I'm from Troy NY and one of the things I miss the most from my home town is Ted's Fish Fry's too! Living near Boston brings with it its own share of culinary delights, but nothing hits the spot like Ted's. I can remember when McDonald's moved in across the street from Ted's and everybody preaching a speedy death to the local mom and pop. Well, now McDonalds is a used-car dealership and Ted's is still serving out the same food they've been serving for decades. I often joke that I'll have to find a way to buy the business when the owners finally decide to hang it up.

    2. As a native Albanian, been eating Ted's fish fries for over 50 years. Always good. For some reason, and I'm sure it's lost in antiquity, we, as teens, always had their fish fries with chocolate milk as the drink. Doesn't seem so good now, the occasional times I tried it recently, but maybe someone on the board going to Ted's can try the combination as an experiment