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Dec 15, 2001 05:05 PM

Good eats in Wayne, Pompton Lakes Area?

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My parents live in northern NJ and I wanted to get them a gift certificate for dinner. I'm looking for a place in the Wayne/ Pompton Lakes region (20 mile radius). They have lived in the area for many years, so I am looking for an out of the way place that has, what else, good chow. No ethnic food, and great desserts is a must (Dad's sweet tooth is alive and well at 76!). Upscale is OK, but can't be stuffy.

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  1. My favorite resturant in that area is Il Capo on High Mountain Ave in North Haldon. Only 5-10 minutes from either Pomptom Lakes or Wayne.

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      I called the restaurant and they gave me a run down of their latest offerings. They have pasta, fish, chops, and that night's special was venison. Sounds yummie! They processed a gift certificate over the phone and will mail it to my Dad's house. Thanks for the recommendation!

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        Little late for Christmas, But Rosemary & Sage on PompTnke is excellent...especially desserts

    2. I'm bumping this topic because I had dinner at Rosemary and Sage in Riverdale this past weekend, and I wanted to report on it. It was excellent in every way!

      Here are the items I had:

      - Hot soup (daily special): spinach potato leek with sunflower seed croutons

      - Appetizer (daily special): Prince Edward Island mussels and sea scallops with parmesan cake and roasted red pepper broth

      - Salad: Mixed greens

      - Entree (daily special): Soft shell crabs with ramps and saffron, spaetzel, and smoked shallot sauce

      - Dessert: Chocolate bread pudding, ginger cookie, vanilla ice cream (it normally comes with capuccino ice cream but I requested the substitution), caramel sauce

      The items noted above were only some of their daily specials. They have almost as many specials as they do items on the regular menu shown on their website.

      Everything, every item, was absolutely delicious and excellent. It's a lovely place, too. The service was a bit haphazard - there was a fortyish male server who was knowledgeable and professional but was spread thin (it was Saturday night), assisted by two twentysomething servers who had occasional lapses - but they made up for occasional delays with a complimentary round of drinks, which was nice of them and it was never a serious problem anyway.

      I highly recommend Rosemary and Sage. It was superb. Thanks to vito formica for the original recommendation.

      Rosemary and Sage
      26 Hamburg Turnpike
      Riverdale NJ 07457

      Incidentally, there is a post above mentioning a place called Il Capo. It has changed names and is now called Giuseppe's.