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Dec 13, 2001 01:33 PM

Sarah Bernhardts Are Back!

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Full disclosure: I have no business connection to CosmiCakes (previously of Scarsdale, NY) or Bubba's Bakery (in Rockland County) but...

Just received word that although CosmiCakes is no more, pastry chef Arlene Richardson is now making her Sarah Bernhardts at Bubba's (Wesley Hills Plaza, 455 Route 306, Wesley Hills NY 10952, tel 845-362-1019/fax 845-362-0549). These are some of my favorite cookies.

For those who haven't tried them, Sarah Bernhardts have an almond macaroon base, chocolate ganache filling, and hard Callebaut chocolate cover. They are OU certified kosher.

I cannot speak for Bubba's rugelach or biscotti since I've never tried them, but Sarah Bernhardts also make a wonderful gift (in addition to Chowhound Market items, of course!). One pound (as of this writing)is $24 with s/h $8 per tin per address.

Happy holidays, everyone.

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