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Sonora in Port Chester

adamclyde Nov 28, 2001 10:27 AM

Anyone been to Sonora in Port Chester? Heard a lot about it, but a little hesitant... What about the original Manhattan Sonora restaurant? Curious.

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    rjka RE: adamclyde Nov 28, 2001 06:06 PM

    Went there for the first time about three weeks ago. Great decor, food was OK but not great. Unusual flavor combinations and ingredients in the dishes, which are very artistically presented, but execution is a bit off. I had tuna which I requested medium rare and it was almost well done. My date had a bisque and plantain soup in which the plantains were oddly in big chunks-would have worked better if they were pureed. Waitstaff seemed to have some problems with English. Don't want to seem too negative. It has great atmosphere and I will give it another try.

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      Allyson RE: adamclyde Nov 29, 2001 07:14 AM

      We went to Sonora twice. The first time was after it was open about 3 weeks. The food was very good, the service people tried really hard, but were inept. The second time was a few months later, after several good reviews the Times and others. The service was still bad, but the food was sloppy in execution. Like the other poster said, the flavors were interesting, but my salmon, which I asked for medium, was almost raw and my husband's tuna, which he asked for medium rare, was well done. I would try it again because I love this type of food, but if it is not better next time I will give up on it.

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        alanccrx RE: adamclyde Mar 14, 2007 07:21 AM

        Four of us recently returned to "Sonora" on a Saturday night..... MISTAKE! Establishment has gone downhill... Extremely noisy... very very difficult to hear any
        conversation. Service is just BAD! Had to request bread several times.. Drinks appeared to be "watered" down. I ordered Salad which come to table with iceberg lettuce rather then menu promised "baby romaine". Salad was totally undressed. Limited menu selection..
        Entree's came badly plated with little care in dish preparation. Service was extremely
        S L OW. Dinner took 2.5 hours to complete. Wrote letter detailing issues and then follow-up note with no response whatsoever from management. Appears success had gone to their heads! Given the fact that dinner cost equals $ 125.00 per couple and given the level
        of service my suggestion is consider going elsewhere. All in all- one bad experience!

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          bevoray RE: adamclyde Mar 14, 2007 07:23 AM

          I don't like it, but my husband does. I think it is overpriced and the food is not that good.

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            laylag RE: adamclyde Mar 17, 2007 07:29 AM

            Went to Sonora only once expecting an excellent experience but didn't get it. Service was pretty inattentive and inept. We received dishes we didn't order and didn't receive those we did. The food was inconsistent. A few things were really well prepared but other dishes that seemed ill-conceived on the menu but we believed MUST be good were actually ill-conceived and the ingredients did not work well together. It was early on a Saturday night and the restaurant was busy. We felt both rushed and ignored at the same time if that's possible. We thought maybe it was a bad night but from the comments of more recent visitors here, seems like a pass.

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              fooodie RE: adamclyde Mar 12, 2010 09:12 AM

              Not sure what this restaurant was like when these posts were started, but I was recently at Sonara and thought the food was very good, the presentation excellent and the service very attentive. Great Mojitos as well. It was a bit loud by the bar, but that didn't bother me and I'm sure you coudl request to sit elsewhere. It's not an inexpensive place, but I think it's very good value. May just be my perspective coming from the city.

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                chowdom RE: fooodie Mar 14, 2010 07:40 AM

                I really like Sonora as well. I don't drink but the alcohol free Mojitos are the best I've had anywhere, no one I've gone with has ever complained that their drinks were not good. I think the food is very good too. I have had the same dish on different occasions and noticed slight differences in preparation, in that sense it can be alittle inconsistent. (not enough to deter me from returning) I agree the presentation is excellent. It can get noisy on busy nights. In the summer we try to sit outside. They also do a nice job during restaurant week for those who are on the fence aobut trying it.

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                  winston1 RE: chowdom Mar 15, 2010 12:19 PM

                  I agree. The food has always been good, service attentive. The Chef Owner met us at the door last time we were in. The Restaurant Week deal is a no miss.

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                    martyl9 RE: winston1 Mar 19, 2010 10:25 AM

                    same here. had dinner there this past Monday night. The four of us all had the Hudson Valley Restaurant special menu. very enjoyable evening; food and service. great values as well as cocktails.

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                Ironwannabe RE: adamclyde May 19, 2010 07:44 PM

                went last night for my wife's bday. still expensive for what they put out. It's like they were trying to hard to be innovative. I think if they introduced a few traditional dishes and mastered some basics it would be a very hip hang. also, since we were there on a tuesday and the only ones in the place, the wait staff was a little too attentive. My water glass was topped off three times before I even took a sip! sort of funny really.

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                  Sonnyno RE: Ironwannabe May 22, 2010 07:04 PM

                  I find it interesting when I see some criticisms of Sonora. I suppose anyplace can be criticized for this or that but when someone criticizes Sonora it puzzles me. In my opinion, Sonora is one of the best restaurants in Westchester for what it offers. I have never ever been disappointed there. . They have great margaritas and a nicely appointed wine list for the foods of high flavor that they serve. I have always found the wait staff most cordial and efficient. The buzz of the place is quite interesting and it has always been a most pleasurable experience to dine there. Though on occasion I may go on a weekday I have mostly been there Saturday which is a test for any restaurant. Tonight, Saturday, was no exception. It was crowded but our waiter rose above any difficulties this could pose and the kitchen had no problem delivering courses in appropriate time. Tonight they had a rack of lamb special on the menu. The meat was of incredible quality but the flavor just blew it away. Appetizers to desert were the usual high Sonora quality and I must say that I am grateful that we have such a restaurant in Westchester.

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                    food4ever16 RE: Sonnyno Aug 25, 2010 09:29 AM

                    My husband and I go to Sonara quite regularly and adore the food and cocktails. The red sangria is excellent and the food is delicious. Its not for those who are 'boring' eaters but I am not! I love flavors and trying new things and I have never ordered something there than hasn't been top notch! The ceviche is the best!

                    1. re: food4ever16
                      Maryld RE: food4ever16 Aug 25, 2010 12:37 PM

                      Chef Palomino has taken the flavors of Latin American and Spanish cuisine and refined and updated them. We recently ordered the guacamole with chorizo which sounds like it should be a heavy, clunky mess, instead it was almost ethereal in taste and texture. Great mojitos too.

                      1. re: Maryld
                        benjamin30 RE: Maryld Aug 25, 2010 06:28 PM

                        I last ate at Sonora about 2 months ago and it was absolutely delicious! I have to say that this is probably one of the best restaurants that I have eaten in in Westchester. Dishes are delicious and of high quality with generous portions. I can't remember the last time I had such good drinks. The staff are lovely and attentive. Can't wait to return!

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                          wincountrygirl RE: Maryld Sep 12, 2010 04:15 AM

                          We went last night - had not been there in a year and it was excellent as always. The guacamole, ceviche - fantastic. Three of us had the argentinian steak with chimichurri which was perfect and came with the most decadent potatoe gratin with manchego cheese and fabulous. Chef Palomino came out to the tables last night which was a nice touch. Dessert - churros - happy!!!

                          1. re: wincountrygirl
                            Sonnyno RE: wincountrygirl Sep 12, 2010 09:23 AM

                            Have to agree with the above; the place is awesome. I went last night also and had the special rack of lamb which was cooked to perfection and so tasty. Everything from appetizer through service to dessert was excellent. The place is a winner. I think Chef Palomino may also have some kind of connection with Il Sogno down the road where I also have had some very well prepared and delicious food. The place is a bit more sedate, not very crowded and as a newbie probably hasn’t quite caught on yet. It’s Italian but once in a while, there seems to be a suggestion of deference to Chef Palomino. I would refer to a spicy gray sole which I recently had that was perfectly cooked and a knockout. On two other dining experiences there I had steaks which were better than many steakhouses and they had the most delicious sauces. I imagine many diners would not consider Il Sogno much of a hot spot but who cares when you can get such good food in Westchester. I would expect this to change if this restaurant keeps delivering at the present level.

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