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Nov 19, 2001 09:46 AM

El Ranchero in Danbury

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Yesterday I had one of the best meals I've had in recent memory, at El Ranchero.

I ordered chicken in a green tomatillo sauce, a dish that made me glad to be alive.

The waitress brought out my huge dish, filled with the chicken and tomatillo sauce... and surrounded by beans and rice. To begin with, the chicken (pieces, not on the bone) was meltingly tender. I don't think I've ever had chicken so tender. But the sauce is what is going to keep me up at night, dreaming of chicken in tomatillo sauce. It was a thing of beauty: citrusy, tangy, tart. But rich and complex at the same time. Tortillas accompanied the dish but I couldn't bring myself to eat the tortillas with the chicken, for fear that the taste of the chicken would be diluted even one tiny bit. I was full almost immediately but I finished my meal. It was one of those dishes that I couldn't bear to leave one scrap of food (except for the weird out of place iceberg lettuce) on my plate. I knew it would haunt me later to think that I could've had another bite.

I had noticed that there were two versions of the menu, one for gringos and one for non. After my meal I jumped up and checked the spanish version to see if they left any dishes out of the gringo one. They hadn't. I also wanted to see if I could extract more info on my dish. It is called pollo en salsa verde.

El Ranchero is located at 20 White Street.

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    wendy jackson

    It's such a great spot - I love their posole, the mole poblano, and their refried beans are pretty awesome, too. Glad you had such a great meal there. You don't see many gringos at El Ranchero, mostly local Mexican laborers, so good for you for giving it a go!

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      Wendy--I have to give you a BIG thank you for posting about this spot!!
      Is the posole on the menu? I didn't see it and wanted to order it...

      1. re: Abbylovi
        wendy jackson

        You know, I think the posole is a special that they run fairly regularly. Last time we went, it was posole and a beer for $7.95 or something like that. Sorry you didn't get to try it!