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Oct 8, 2001 07:54 AM

Deli, Bagels, Smoked fish - where in Rockland or Bergen?

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Can someone please tell me the best place for Jewish Deli, smoked fish and bagels in Rockland or Bergen Co. Prefer one place that has both. We live near Tappan. Don't want to go too far if possible 8 miles max away.

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  1. The best place I know of in Bergen County is Manhattan Deli on Chestnut Ridge Rd. in (I belive) Montvale (maybe Woodcliff Lake). In fact, I travel from Westchester to go there.

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      Michele Cindy

      Mindy - can you please give me more details about there selections? Sounds good so far. I need to get a few platters etc. for a birthday party. Thanks!

      1. re: Michele Cindy

        Manhattan Deli is your standard Kosher Deli/Appetizing Store. They have all the smoked fish (sable, salmon, whitefish, etc.) And, all the deli meats (corned beef, brisket,pastrami). I have been there many times. The service is excellent and the quality of the food is really good. Although I have never ordered platters from them, my mother-in-law has and from what I have seen they are fine. Also, try their great Ruggelah.

        If you are interested in traveling a little bit, there is a place in Mt. Kisco (Westchester County) called Mt. Kisco Smokehouse. They supply a lot of places with their smoked fish, including I understand, Zabar's. Although I don't think they do platters. Let me know if you would like directions.

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          is manhattan deli certified kosher? or is it just a jewish/kosher style deli?

          1. re: Baruch

            It is definitely certified Kosher.