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Aug 30, 2001 04:40 PM

Good Chinese Take Out (Bergenfield/Dumont/New Milford)

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I can’t find a decent Chinese takeout in or near the Bergenfield/Dumont/New Milford area. Baumgarts is great to eat at, but they are really not a takeout kind of place and a little out of the way for me. I used to go to Chinese Express (believe that was the name) on Newbridge Road (across from Pathmark), now its the Panda House and its terrible. Any suggestions? I don’t care about any special dishes just some decent cold noodles, dumplings, lo mein etc. I would travel a few extra miles for something good and it does not matter if they deliver or not. Thanks.

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  1. Helen, who knows about these things, recommends Number One, on Washington Avenue in Dumont, opposite Brewer's World. Helen says to try the vegetable dumplings and lo meins. Enjoy!

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    1. re: Hugh DeMann

      Great, I could even walk there.
      Thanks Hugh.

      1. re: JD

        I think Lotus Cafe in Hackensack is great!

        1. re: David

          You are right - Lotus Cafe is the best Chinese in Norther NJ since Phoenix Garden II closed. Be sure to try their Lotus Delight - messy but delicious.

      2. re: Hugh DeMann

        I went last night, its actually called HO WON, but I found it.

        It was great thanks for the recomendation. The Vegtable dumplings and lo mein were very good. The cold sesame noodles were excellent as well. Will try the Lotus Cafe next.