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Aug 28, 2001 08:40 AM


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Can anyone tell me more about this restaurant in Piermont NY? I'm planning to take my husband out for his birthday, for me I'm sure it would be wonderful, but he's a vegetarian so I'm not sure it would be quite the same experience. If anyone can help me out I'd appreciate it! Also if it's not the best place for a veg. please suggest a suitable alternative. Thanks -

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  1. Which Xaviar's are you going to? Xaviar's at Piermont? If yes, it's tiny and very accomodating; call ahead, let them know your husband is a vegetarian, and ask if Peter Kelly (chef/owner) will plan a menu for him.

    We were just there (admittedly with a friend of the chef's) and the chef and staff were lovely and very understanding of food preferences.