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Aug 24, 2001 07:56 PM

Rhinebeck-Nima or Nina?

  • j

We will be in Rhinebeck in a couple a weeks for our 1st anniversary. The owner of our B & B recommended a restaurant called Nima or something like that. Any opinions? Any other suggestions? We are looking for great food, some romance (no overkill!) and nothing too fancy. Thanks!

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  1. s
    steve from rhinebeck

    Hi Julie, Try typing in Rhinebeck in the search box, there are lots and lots of recommendations. Sorry,I never heard of Nina/Nima.Congratulations on your anniversary.

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    1. re: steve from rhinebeck

      It's Mina and it's in Red Hook and it's very good.

      1. re: Polly

        Ditto that, but what you've got to try is down the same street, a little all-Mexican grocery that has a few tables and does a few dishes every day--La Mexicana. It's amazing and totally unexpected.