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Jul 18, 2001 11:01 AM

Driving to Binghamton

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Is there any place that's abvoe mediocre on or near Route 17 between Harriman and Binghamton? I know that there are a couple of places off the beaten track but I don't want to drive 30 mintues to and 30 minutes from Route 17 just to get a decent meal. I expect that the answer is no but hoping for the best. Thanks.

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  1. Two possibilities -- Ted's an unlikely dinner serving Turkish food right on Rt 52 in Jeffersonville. We were just there last monday, and unfortunately, they had had a heavy weekend and ran out of their two truly outstanding dishes -- the pan fried carrots and the manti. My wife did have a very good chicken kebab, though -- just be sure to order from the Turkish rather than the low fat or diner menu. It is a bit of a crapshoot if they have manti, since they don't always make them.

    Another alternative is Spiro's which is in Rockland/Roscoe. It is about 5 minutes from exit 94 on Rt 17; make a left when you get off, and it will be in a white house on your left. It is nothing unusual or spectacular, just basic stuff well prepared and reasonably priced. It certainly has Roscoe Diner beat, which is not saying much.

    One final possibility in roscoe on the SW side of 17. A few years ago we drove around and found ourselves in a large resort with a very East European air, and we actually felt a bit like Hasidim who had chanced upon a Cossack gathering, so we didn't stay. Don't remember the name, but it might be worth investigating further if they serve meals to non guests.


    1. I used to drive to Cornell via Rt. 17 and the usual is to stock up on food in Westchester or the Bronx before you catch 17 off the Thruway. Two hours later, stop off at the Roscoe Diner for some mediocre chow before the next 2 hr. drive. Or just suck it up and starve because there's nothing but scenic beauty around.

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        Last time I was at the Roscoe Diner, is was not only medocre, it was EXPENSIVE! Since the Dodge Inn closed, I'll take my chances on pot luck.