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Jul 9, 2001 09:37 PM

looking for restaurant near palisades park

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my friend in Chicago is coming here, and Im looking for some place having good 'brunch' and dinner with her. Im living near Palisades Park. would you recommend a great Italian restaurant and any restaurant would be fine also. one more, she is chocolate lover, actually she likes all kind of dessert, cake, pie, ice cream... if you know someplace, please let me know. Thank you in advance.

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    Jason Perlow

    If italian is your game, get thee to Cliffside Park on Palisade Ave and head to Amalfi. Very expensive and grand (reservations please) but I've had nothing but good food there (lobster ravioli, woohoo!), but you will need to dress up. If you are up for an informal casual dinner go to Big Red Tomato across the street from Fairway Market on anderson in Ft Lee.

    When you are done with dinner head over to A Taste of Italy on Anderson Ave (next to the Mcdonalds)in Cliffside for Bertolloti gelato and various fresh pastries and espresso/cappuchino.

    Another option for dinner is La Vecchia Napoli in Edgewater, very cozy romantic little place. Great food.

    And if you REALLY, and I mean really want to impress her, drive 15 minutes to Tenafly where i live and get reservations at AMERICAN. If you are familiar with the type of top notch new american continental cuisine (and they got some killer pasta dishes too, seasonal improvised menu) served at Craft or Gramercy Tavern in the city this is the place to go.

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      Jason Perlow

      Villa Amalfi
      Cliffside Park
      793 Palisade Ave. (Marion Ave.) Cliffside Park, NJ, 07010-3202 (201) 886-8626

      La Vecchia Napoli
      2 Hilliard Ave. (River Rd.) Edgewater, NJ, 07020-1232 (201) 941-6799

      115 County Rd. (Central Ave.) Tenafly, NJ (201) 227-1200