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Jul 4, 2001 03:59 PM

"Long Island" Brand Potato Chips

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I'm trying to track down Long Island Potato Chips....which came in a shiny silver foil bag and were pretty fantastically great. Haven't seen them in a couple of years.

I need contact info for the company; all attempts have failed. I'm afraid they may be out of business, but I'm writing a big article on great potato chips and if they do exist, I really want to include them.

So has anyone seen 'em? Can anyone check a bag to get their corporate name and/or address?

Many thanks for any help on this


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  1. The following link lists a contact for Long Island Potato Chips:


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    1. re: Nancy Berry


      Sad story. The guy cooked, packaged, and sold all by himself for years. They were among the best chips in the country. He had distribution problems, never made a cent, and eventually went out of business. I told his wife that I was writing an article about great chips and that I thought these were some of the best. She asked me "where were you a few years ago?".

      She's right.

      Apparently, the guy lives/breathes potato chips, and may make another go of it. If so, we've all got to try to support him. His chips were marvelous.

      I hate it when good people go out of business; it's a victory for the forces of darkness.


      1. re: Jim Leff
        Erica Marcus

        Jim, I never had Long Island chips, but let me direct you to Trader Joe's and their amazing Hawaiian Justice potato chips. They're fantastically potato-y and, since they're Trader Joe's, reasonably priced to boot.

        1. re: Erica Marcus

          They're on my list, erica. It's apparently the same manufacturer as the Fresh Fields private line.

          But they're not as good as wonderful Long Island chips, alas.

          1. re: Jim Leff

            While we're on the topic, and while I'm flexing my deep frying muscles, what the secret of making one's own?

            Intuition tells me that thinly sliced old-ish potatoes deep fried in peanut oil until amber coloured with a dash of salt is the only recipe one needs the creat an all-American favourite.
            True? Or is there something more sublime about making pot. chips?

            Jim, willyou article delve into actual recipes/techniques, or will it be "just" a survey?

            Chris in Ghent, NY

            1. re: Jim Leff

              Jim, let me also suggest Kruncher's BBQ potato chips. I am a big bbq chip lover, and these were the best bbq chips I ever ate. I found them when I was in college in Rhode Island, and for a little while, many of the supermarkets in New York carried them. However, I haven't seen them in our area's supermarkets for a few years.

              1. re: Scott K

                They're among my all-time faves. The brand name keeps getting passed around to different companies, and I'm currently trying to track down the full current story.

                Hey, if there are further potato chip thoughts out there, please address them to one of the potato chip threads on General Topics...or start a new one. Let's preserve this board for regional topics.


        2. re: Nancy Berry

          This guy used to be at many of the arts & crafts street fairs that would be held across Long Island each summer. He was missing from the one I went to last week, and now my worst fears have been confirmed. He had the most amazing sweet potato chips! I hope he does make another go at it.

        3. Never had Long Island brand Potato chips. Hope to catch them the 2nd time around. My boyfriend turned me onto Utz's handcooked potato chips, fried in lard(!) They were quite tasty. I can imagine how they could be even better fresh out of the oil. Anyone else had them?

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          1. re: HLing

            Grandma Utz, in the brown bag! Yup, they're great, and have been discussed on our General Topics board. I just learned there's a bbq version, too.

            Hope we don't create a massive chip discussion here...this board's just for tristate discussion.