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Jun 25, 2001 11:31 AM

Kinara: New Indian in Edgewater

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Yesterday my wife and I went with a close friend to Kinara (which, I understand means "On the Water" in Hindu?) a fairly new Indian restaurant in Edgewater on River Road, across the street from the Whole Foods supermarket. The restaurant opened in late february and specializes in punjabi cuisine.

Kinara has all the old moghlai favorites, elegantly prepared, but theres a lot of stuff there that you wont find at your average indian restaurant.

We ordered

1) Mixed kebab platter which included peices of chicken tikka (tender, not dry), lamb sikh kebab (elegantly seasoned with herbs, also juicy), and reshmi kebab (another kind of chicken kebab, also very good but not done with tandoori spices like the tikka) which was served on a sizzling platter with caramelized red and white onion and thinly sliced green pepper. Sorta like indian fajitas. We ate it with a simple garlic naan flatbread, also excellent.

2) Chicken Vindaloo a stew of boneless chicken in a very spicy hot and sour sauce. Very different from other vindaloos I've had, almost like barbeque cuisine.

3) Karahi Lamb: Stir fried cubes lamb cooked with bell peppers, onions and tomatoes. Lamb very tender, subtle spiciness, very good.

4) Fish Malibari: rachel ordered this, i didnt try it but she liked it a lot. Fish curry made with freshly ground coconut. Had a few whole dried chili peppers swimming in the curry, she said it was spicy but not overpoweringly so.

5) Jerra Aloo: Cubes of potatoes smothered and simmered with cumin and other spices. Very spicy, excellent vegetable accompaniment to our meal.

6) Mango lassi: among the best I've had. Served in a metal mug, frosty on the outside, sweet but not overpoweringly so and tangy. Worked well to tone down some of the spicy stuff we had.

All the dishes were served with rice, and a generous amount of it as well.

I'll note this place has a very extensive menu and we
d probably have to do there 10 times to get a broader feel of the place, they have that many dishes. 15 different appetizers, 8 different tandooris, 10 kinds of naan/paratha, 10 chicken dishes, 8 lamb dishes, 6 seafood/fish dishes, 16 veggie dishes, 2 thalis, 8 biryanis.

I'll also note that everything had the correct amount of spice to it and it wasnt toned down for americans, the place had a predominantly indian crowd. Also unlike a lot of indian restaurants I didnt smell caradamom coming out the rafters, and I didnt taste too much of it in the food, which for me is a good thing since I dont like too much of th stuff.

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  1. Oh. I forgot to mention they have a buffet lunch from 12 to 3, 7 days a week. We went for dinner though. The place also delivers if you live locally.

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      Since they ain't in the book or online, do you have a phone # for them, Jason?

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        Jason Perlow

        880 River Road, Edgewater NJ
        201 313 0555

        Definitely go for dinner, the lunch is kinda standard fare stuff and limited ... but tasty