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Jun 21, 2001 10:56 AM

Blueberry Picking

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Does anyone know of a farm within driving distance of NYC (willing to turn it into a full-day excursion) where you can pick your own blueberries? This is one of my favorite summer things.


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  1. I've never been to this place, but I've heard good things. I'm especially interested in the idea that it's organic--so often berries are just covered in chemicals.

    Blueberry Park - Dutchess County Route 21, 3.5 miles east of Route - Unionvale - Dutchess County - (845)724-5776 - FAX# (845)454-4652 - E-mail: - Travel - Recreation & Sports-U-Pick Farms - Pick your own wild organic blueberries on top of Blueberry Hill at our 70 year old farm. Season opens mid-July. Have Fun!

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      We went there this weekend and the berries were great!. There is no way they could get back to most of the bushes with any sort of machinery to spray. We ate the berries right off the bushes.

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      steve from rhinebeck

      Caitlin, I would give Grieg Farms a try. A little less then two hours from the city, on the the Taconic parkway. In the town of Red Hook (Dutchess county)
      They have a web site with directions and whats available for picking. Strawberries now, blueberries late July, early August. Big and fun place.

      1. Hammonton, NJ, is the New Jersey blueberry capital. Any number of my friends who like to pick go there. Apparently, there are lots of choices.

        1. Here's a link to NJ pick-your-own farms. Blueberries will be ready in about a month.


          1. I think blueberry park in dutchess county is now closed- it appears these posts are pretty old- I remember blueberry park- I went there years ago. It was great- reasonable prices- and they gave everyone an awesome blueberry muffin recipe. They were very nice folks!

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              Blueberry Park is still there we are just not open as much as when my in-laws were around. The pick your own crowd is distressingly thin and silly. We would be open and get a handful of folks coming up for a drive in the country unready for picking (stepping out of the miata he in flip flops she in high heel mules asking "are there bugs in there?") and it was not worth the time there. We will be there Sunday Aug 2 in the afternoon and you are more than welcome.