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Jun 20, 2001 12:40 PM

Takeout Tortilla: Casa Vasca (Newark)

  • j

Rachel and I had dinner at Casa Vasca last saturday night, and after a scrumptious dinner of langostinos a la plancha, chuletas al ajillo I asked my very nice Galician waiter, Xorge (definitely try to get this guy when you go there) where I could get a good tortilla de patatas. "why, right here" he told me, although he warned me that the chef normally put a lot of chorizo in it. Being that we were bringing half our chorizo appetizer home (huge, enough to feed 4, excellent), I decided to order it simply with onions added.

We brought the tortilla home, threw it in the fridge and ate it for breakfast the next morning with some crusty bread we bought from Teixieras bakery and a shmear of hellmans. Heaven.

On a sadder note I must report Spanish Sangria is going downhill. Their coveted mushroom ajillo appetizer is being served WAY too salty now and they appear to be overcooking everything. Their tortilla de patatas is also swimming in grease, I wouldnt recommend it.

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